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European Journal of Oncology publishes contributions in the various areas of oncology: biology, epidemiology, pathology and clinical medicine.


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Vol 23 No 2 (2018)

Published: 2018-12-12


Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and muscular invasion in early-stage bladder cancer: a meta-analysis.

Massimo Madonia, Panagiotis Paliogiannis, Tatiana Solinas, Arduino Aleksander Mangoni, Ciriaco Carru, Angelo Zinellu
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 84

Page 65-71

Elotuzumab in multiple myeloma: a single centre experience

Monica Galli, Paola Stefanoni, Laura Paris, Chiara Pavoni, Federica Delaini, Alessandro Rambaldi
Abstract 186 | PDF Downloads 127

Page 72-79

Control data on endocrine sensitive endpoints for untreated Sprague-Dawley rats from the Ramazzini Institute colony

Fabiana Manservisi, Laura Falcioni, Luciano Bua, Ilaria Menghetti, Daniele Mandrioli, Giovanna Galeati, Marcella Spinaci, Carlo Tamanini, Fiorella Belpoggi
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 80-85

The analysis of longitudinal data from life-span carcinogenicity bioassays on Sprague-Dawley rats

Daria Sgargi, Simona Panzacchi, Daniele Mandrioli, Fiorella Belpoggi, Rossella Miglio
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 86-98

rs3798577 polymorphism located in a putative miRNAs target site of estrogen receptor 1 reduced breast cancer risk in an Iranian population

Nafiseh Reisi Dehkordi, Soha Parsafar, Kamran Ghaedi, Maryam Peymani
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 103-108

Case reports

Rare case of hypodiagnostics of subungual melanoma complicated by paraungual panaritium

Evgeny Yurievich Neretin
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 109-111

Primary diffuse large B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the breast in an elederly woman: a case report and review of literature

Achille Panetta, Marco Masina, Silvia Gambini, Vida Pajetta, Vincenzo Arigliano, Roberto Maccaferri, Massimo Fedele, Cesare Calandri
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 74

Page 112-116

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