Published: 2014-10-14

Fourteenth Collegium Ramazzini statement


Nanomaterials: brief review of policy frameworks in the US and Europe and recommendations from an occupational and environmental perspective

Jennifer Sass, Tony Musu, Kathleen Burns, Ian Illuminato
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 211-217

Critical Review

Environmental mutagens and possibilities for prevention

Wagida A. Anwar
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 218-228

Research priorities in the Tasmanian devil facial tumour debate

David L. Obendorf, Neil D. McGlashan
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 36

Page 229-238

Articles on original studies and research

Genotoxic and haematotoxic damage induced by ELF magnetic fields

Ion Udroiu, Mauro Cristaldi, Luisa Anna Ieradi, Angelico Bedini, Livio Giuliani
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 25

Page 239-244

Efficacy of induction cisplatin based chemotherapy in locally advanced non small cell lung cancer

Virginio Filippazzi, Maria Teresa Cattaneo, Benedetto Rho, Luciano Isa, Sabrina Ferrario, Anna Gambaro, Nicoletta Tosca, Luigi Isabella, Luisa Somma, Eugenia Damiani, Barbara Veronese, Carmela Careri, Alessandra Cocchi, Elena Piazza
Abstract 70 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 371

Page 245-254


Doctor I. Bernard Weinstein (1930-2008)

Linda Saxe Einbond
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 18

Page 255-256