Published: 2014-05-14

Original articles

Reconstruction of past asbestos exposure of dockers in the Port of Livorno

Stefano Silvestri, Alessandro Nemo
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Page 187-196

Interpretative strategies of lung function tests: obstructive pattern

Federica Tafuro, Massimo Corradi, Antonio Mutti
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Page 197-213

Burnout in nurses working in Portuguese central prisons and type of employment contract

Aida Maria De Oliveira Cruz Mendes, Margarida Claro, Maria Lúcia Do Carmo Cruz Robazzi
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Page 214-222

Accidents among postmen using motorbikes for mail deliveries in Tuscany in the period 2007-2009

Elisabetta Chellini, Barbara Cortini, Marina Mameli, Mauro Abbarchi, Simona Dei, Oriana Rossi, Alfredo Zallocco
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Page 223-230

Letters to the Editors

Special articles

PTSD prevalence and associated risk factors after a fire disaster that broke out in a paediatric hospital: a cross-sectional study

Salvatore Zaffina, Vincenzo Camisa, Elena Monducci, Maria Rosaria Vinci, Stefano Vicari, Antonio Bergamaschi
Abstract 115 | PDF (Italiano) Downloads 26

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77° Congresso Nazionale SIMLII - Bologna, 15-17 Ottobre 2014

La Redazione
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