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Current Issue

Vol 21 No 1 (2019)

Published: 2019-03-07

Cover and Index

Cover and Index

Editorial Office
Abstract 157 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 00-00

Original articles

The effect of acute L-arginine supplementation on repeated sprint ability performance

Abdulkadir Birol, Fatma Nişancı Kılınç, Gökhan Deliceoğlu, Esra Dilek Keskin
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 115

Page 5-11

Assessment of nutrition status of Turkish elite young male soccer players in the pre-competition period

Nesli Ersoy, Indrani Kalkan, Gülgün Ersoy
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 91

Page 12-18

Is there any predictive equation to determine resting metabolic rate in ultra-endurance athletes?

Aslı Devrim Lanpir, Tuğba Kocahan, Gökhan Deliceoğlu, Erkan Tortu, Pelin Bilgic
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 95

Page 25-33

Is there any link between vitamin D and left atrial diameter in children?

Zeynep Cerit, Şule Gökçe, Levent Cerit
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 49

Page 46-49

Use of dietary supplements among physicians at a hospital in Turkey

Aslı Gizem Çapar, Müge Yılmaz
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 50-58

Do food labels affect Turkish consumers' nutritional choices and expectations?

Hülya Yardimci, Nevra Koç
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 72

Page 59-66

Effects of reproductive and sociodemographic factors on obesity in Turkish women: a pilot study

Sinem Bayram, Esra Köseler, Gül Kızıltan, Mehtap Akçil Ok, Esen Yeşil, Beril Köse, Merve Özdemir, Selen Müftüoğlu, Mendane Saka, Emine Aksoydan, Muhittin Tayfur, Perim Fatma Türker, Aydan Ercan
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 77-85

Fruit and vegetable consumption of last grade medical students and related factors

Arda Borlu, Mualla Aykut, Neslihan Çelik, İskender Gün, Ahmet Timur, Sabri Karaca
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 75

Page 86-92

Impact of nutritional education on the nutrient intake of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

Katarzyna Skórska, Katarzyna Zabłocka-Słowińska, Natalia Dobrzyńska, Halina Grajeta
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 93-104

Applying various criteria to assess the nutritional status among hospitalised patients aged 65 and over

Joanna Maria Ostrowska, Dorota Szostak Węgierek, Anna Jeznach Steinhagen
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 113-119

Comparison of nutritional screening parameters in oncology patients with malnutrition: handgrip strength as a reliable parameter

Christian Galata, Jan Arensmeyer, Svetlana Hetjens, Steffen Seyfried, Georgi Vassilev, Mirko Otto
Abstract 62 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 141-148

Prediction of high salt and low potassium intake behavior from urinary sodium and potassium excretion in Japan

Chika Horikawa, Nobuko Murayama, Mizue Sasaya, Maiko Sakai, Michiko Sano, Norihiko Takizawa, Mayumi Takano
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 149-163

Association of serum irisin levels with anthropometric, biochemical and atherogenic indices in healthy adults

Nazanin Ommati, Leila Nikniaz, Reza Mahdavi
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 174-182

Effect of nutritional intervention and dietary modification on the health status of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients

Fazia Ghaffar, Noureen Mehmood, Imran Khan, Zia Ud Din, Zafar Iqbal, Mudassar Iqbal
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 183-188

Synergistic effect of pretreatment, packaging and cobalt-60 gamma irradiation on nutrition and shelf life of pine nuts

Mehwish Iqtedar, Myra Wasim, Roheena Abdullah, Afshan Kaleem, Ayesha Aihetasham, Asma Chaudhary, Shagufta Naz
Abstract 60 | pdf Downloads 52

Page 194-201

Wild mint (Mentha longifolia) extracts in the production of non-alcoholic beverages

Dragana M Stanisavljevic, Sofija M Dordevic, Marina T Milenkovic, Branislav P Zlatkovic, Milena T Nikolova, Dragan T Velickovic
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 202-209

Lipide-soluble vitamin contents of some Astragalus species in Turkey

Muammer Bahsi
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 210-214

Letters to Editor

Potential negative effects of caffeine in athletes.

Anna Vittoria Mattioli, Giovanbattista Sisca, Alberto Farinetti
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 78

Page 241-242

Oral hyaluronic acid in patients with knee osteoarthritis

Bogdan Corneliu Andor, Simona Cerbu
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 243-245

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Online First

Protein-losing enteropathy after Fontan operation

Shi-Min Yuan
Abstract 20 | PDF Downloads 17

Evaluation of obesity in university students with neck circumference and determination of emotional appetite

Fatma Nişancı Kılınç, Biriz Çakır, Sevinç Eşer Durmaz, Çiler Özenir, Emine Merve Ekici
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 53

Addition of Firik Improves the Antioxidant and Quality Characteristics of Steamed Rice Cake (Sulgidduk)

Si Yeon Kim, Hyeonbin O, Phyrim Lee, young-soon Kim
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 19

Anthropometric and metabolic parameters in relation to high sensitivity C-reactive protein in Montenegrin population with type 2 diabetes

Andjelka Scepanovic, Darko Medin, Slavica Vujovic, Nebojsa Kavaric, Aleksandra Klisic
Abstract 23 |

General Profile and Job Satisfaction of Turkish Dietitians

Ayhan Dağ, Biriz Çakır, Fatma Nişancı Kılınç, Evrim Güngör Türkmen
Abstract 25 | PDF Downloads 13

Effects of alpha-tocopherol and oleic acid content in sunflower oil subjected to discontinuous and prolonged frying process

Nadia Manzo, Antonello Santini, Fabiana Pizzolongo, Alessandra Aiello, Raffaele Romano
Abstract 35 |

Breakfast Consumption Habit and Its Impact on Nutrient Intake and Nutritional Status of Medical Undergraduates.

Prakash Mathiyalagen, Anandaraj P, Kavita vasudevan, Buvaneshwari Sundar, Priyadharsini R, Meerambika Mishra, Dhananjay Yadav
Abstract 31 |

Abdominal obesity is a modifier of the association between physical activity and metabolic syndrome: a case-control study

Nahid Karamzad, Maryam Saghafi-Asl, Mohammad Asghari-Jafarabadi, Mahsa Naghizadeh, Parichehr Amiri, Hossein Mehralizadeh
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 29

Effects of Vitamin D supplementation on 8-hydroxydeoxy guanosine and 3-nitrotyrosine in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized clinical trial

Parisa Damghanian, Mohammad Hassan Javanbakht, Niyaz Mohammadzadeh Honarvar, Esmaeil Yousefirad, Hamed Mohammadi, Mahnaz Zarei, Mahmoud Djalalli
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 30

The Effect of Genistein, L-carnitine and their combination on gene expression of hepatocyte PPAR-α and CPT-1 in experimental nephrotic syndrome

Abbas Yousefinejad, Fereydoon Siassi, Abbas Mirshafiey, Fariba Koohdani, Mohammad-Hassan Javanbakht, Reza Sedaghat, Atena Ramezani, Hamed Mohammadi, Mahnaz Zarei, Mahmoud Djalali
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 32

The effect of omega-3 supplementation on serum levels of YKL-40, BMP-4, and ox-LDL in men with coronary artery disease: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial

Simin Samavat, Mohammad Hassan Javanbakht, Ebrahim Nematipour, Mahnaz Zareei, Niyaz Mohammadzadeh Honarvar, Atena Ramezani, Hamed Mohammadi, Mahmoud Djalalli
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 35

Characterization of low calorie ready-to-serve peach beverage using natural sweetener, Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni)

Uswa Ahmad, Rabia Shabir Ahmad, Zarina Mushtaq, Syed Makdoom Hussian
Abstract 50 | PDF Downloads 42

Lipid profile in relation to inflammatory and insulin resistance markers and anthropometric indices in the apparently healthy abdominally obese

Mahsa Naghizadeh, Maryam Saghafi-Asl, Parichehr Amiri, Nahid Karamzad
Abstract 23 | PDF Downloads 23

Practices, beliefs attitudes about complementary feeding among Turkish mothers: a qualitative study

Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 19

Association Between Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Coronary Artery Disease

levent Cerit, Belma Yaman, Hatice Kemal Günsel, Aziz Günsel, Songül Usalp, Ümit Yüksek, İlker Gül, Zeynep Cerit, İlker Etikan, Aşkın Ali Korkmaz, Hamza Duygu
Abstract 75 |

Effect of vitamin D receptor fokI gene polymorphism on chronic renal disease

MEHMET KÜÇÜKSU, Ramazan Cetinkaya, FETHİ AHMET ÖZDEMİR, Metin Sarıkaya, Funda Sarı, Nevzat Gozel
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 22

The hydration status and thyroid hormones levels among elite wrestlers

Rifat YAGMUR; Ozkan ISIK, Yakup KILIC, Murat AKYUZ
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 70

Evaluation of Orientation and Efficiency of Schoolchildren Nutrition in Recreational Period

Leonid Podrigalo, Olga Rovnaya, Tetiana Yermakova, Mirosława Cieślicka, Radosław Muszkieta
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 7


Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 3

Nutrition planning and hydration control during a six-stage Pirineos FIT Endurance trail-running race. A case report

Eraci Drehmer Rieger, Mª Ángeles Navarro, Sandra Carrera, Roberto Herrera, Carlos Sanchis, Mari Luz Moreno
Abstract 22 |

Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of commonly consumed fruits and vegetables in Algeria

Habiba Djenidi, Seddik Khennouf, Amel Bouaziz
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 45

Teachers’ Self-Efficacy is Related to Their Nutrition Teaching Methods

Nurhan Unusan, Hatice Yalcin
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 5

The relationship between BMI, WHR and serum Vitamin B12, Folic acid and Ferritin levels in adults.

Sabiha Zeynep Aydenk Koseoglu, Dilek Toprak, Nurhan Dogan
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 7

Investigation of aflatoxin levels in chips by HPLC using post-column UV derivatization system

Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 10

Evaluation of nutritional status in patients with end-stage renal disease in hemodialysis using principal component analysis

Erika Saenz Pardo Reyes, Saenz-Pardo-Reyes, Fatima Ezzahra Housni, ANTONIO LÓPEZ ESPINOZA, Alma Gabriela Martinez Moreno, Maria del Rocio Padilla Galindo
Abstract 23 |

Varietal and Time Dependent Differences in Juglone and Total Phenolic Contents of the Walnut (Juglans regia L.) Leaves

Yavuz DEMIR, İsmail Kocaçalışkan, Emel Turan, Ümran Ertürk, İrfan Terzi
Abstract 35 |

Strong Association Between Malnutrition, Inflammation and Depression in Elderly Patients A New Novel Geriatric Complex Based on Malnutrition; MID Complex?

İbrahim H Turkbeyler, Zeynel A Ozturk; Zeynel A Sayiner; Mehmet Gol, Eyüp M Efendioglu, Seyma Sahinbeyoglu
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 37

Impact of food behavior on children’s health. A case study

Laurentiu Gabriel Talaghir, Prof.dr. hab., Octavian Barna, Assoc. Prof.dr, Cristian Serea, Senior lecturer dr., Iuliana Petronela Barna, Assoc. Prof.dr., Elena Ariela Banu, Senior Lecturer. dr.
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 35

The Effects of Media Tools Using on Food Consumption and Obesity in Adolescents

Fatma Kartal, Neslişah Rakıcıoğlu
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 14

Nutritional habits of people with type two diabetes mellitus

Jelena Bjelanovic, Teodora Petric, Tatjana Pavlica, Rada Rakic, Natasa Dragic, Sanja Bijelovic, Artur Bjelica
Abstract 23 |

Comparative Phytochemical Profile of Some Medicinal Plants from Gilgit-Baltistan

Muhammad Ismail, Shams Jamal, Noor Ul Haq, Shabbir Hussain, Shafqat Hussain
Abstract 1 |

The effect of Hijamah on different health parameters

Ahmad R Allafi, Ahmad R Al-Haifi
Abstract 44 |

Nutritional knowledge among coaches and personal trainers in Kuwait: a cross sectional study

Fawaz D Almansour, Ahmad R Allafi, Ahmed Aldughpassi, Ahmad R Al-Haifi
Abstract 46 |