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Medicina Historica. Studies in History, Paleopathology, Bioethics and Anthropology of Health started in 1910 as Rivista di Storia delle Scienze Mediche e Naturali, and it changed its title in Rivista di Storia della Medicina in 1957. The Journal continues focusing on the History of Medicine field, in all its aspects. Medicina Historica publishes original and significant artic
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We are pleased to inform you we have just published a new Special issue (Med Histor Suppl. 2/2022).

Enhancing dialogue to bridge the gaps in Bioethics - Abstract Book: Federico Nicoli, Elena Ferioli, Alessandra A. Grossi, Mario Picozzi (Editors)

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Current Issue

Vol. 6 No. 3 (2022)

Published: 23-12-2022


Searching for the past in the present

Marta Licata
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 15

Page e2022045

Original articles: History of Medicine

The Legacy of Professor Dmitry Zernov: Anatomist, Scientist and Educator

Mikhail Sinelnikov, Vladimir Nikolenko, Negoriya Rizaeva, Anna Shumak, Marine Oganesyan, Timur Prozhirov, Kirill Bulygin, Ivan Chairkin
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 19

Page e2022031

Kashrut in hospital (1817-1919)

Alessandro Porro, Deborah Sabrina Iannotti, Francesco Auxilia, Silvana Castaldi, Maria Antonella Piga, Bruno Falconi, Antonia Francesca Franchini
Abstract 32 | PDF Downloads 24

Page e2022039

Review articles: History of Medicine

Bone grafting in the pre-antiseptic era (historical review)

Alexander Pankratov, Astemir Shajhaliev
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 23

Page e2022035

Short report: History of Medicine

Balmis expedition: the children who carried the smallpox vaccine to America

Antonio Reguera Teba
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 106

Page e2022036

Viktor Mikhailovich Zhdanov and the eradication of smallpox

Valery Ivanovich Popov, Lorenzo Capasso, Natalya Yurievna Naraeva
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 21

Page e2022044

Original articles: Bioethics

Ethical and political issues in healthcare choices in the pandemic era: the right to visit hospitalized

Linda Alfano, Romina Ciaccia, Rosagemma Ciliberti
Abstract 32 | PDF Downloads 18

Page e2022040

Letter to Editor: History of Medicine

Pellagra, then and now

Margaretha Viljoen, Nicolaas Claassen
Abstract 19 | PDF Downloads 22

Page e2022042

Original articles: Paleopathology

Anthropological analyses of the Modern era-mummified human remains discovered in the Santa Maria del Monte sanctuary, Varese province, Italy

Omar Larentis, Caterina Pangrazzi, Chiara Tesi, Roberta Fusco
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 59

Page e2022043

Short report: Bioethics

The preservation of life as a duty and a right

Giuseppe Basile
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 23

Page e2022037

Humanity in the caring relationship

Paolo Petralia
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 21

Page e2022046

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