Healthcare-related Itinerary in a Multicultural City in Northern Italy Healthcare-related Itinerary

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Paolo Petralia
Alberto Macciò


Culture, Hospital, history, philanthropy, ubiquitous museum


The presence of great figures, their meaning and implications in the history of a community can also be measured by the works they have left in the service of people and their cities.
This article examines two important Italian aristocrats: Maria Brignole Sale, Duchess of Galliera, and Gerolamo Gaslini. Thanks to their philanthropy, two world-famous hospitals of excellence have been built, that bear their names. Through their life histories, the greatness of their coats of arms or entrepreneurial success, achieved during their lifetime, can be matched with their remarkable actions as patrons of the arts and philanthropists.
Interestingly, an itinerary of ‘city philanthropy’ can also be outlined: from east to west, ‘Gaslini’s’ and ‘the Duchess’s’ works indelibly characterise Genoa, a multicultural city in northern Italy.
With their invaluable social, cultural and artistic heritage they have left behind, the two patrons have promoted the creation of a ubiquitous museum, whose role local institutions have committed to safeguarding and enhancing for the memory and identity of the city.

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