Published: 09-12-2019


Towards an international future

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Original articles: History of Medicine

Pancio of Controne (1275 ca.-1340), a Tuscan physician at the courts of Edward II and Edward III of England

Antonio Fornaciari, Valentina Giuffra
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Page 131-138

The plague of 1630 in Modena (Italy) through the study of parish registers

Mirko Traversari, Diletta Biagini, Giancarlo Cerasoli, Raffaele Gaeta, Donata Luiselli, Giorgio Gruppioni, Elisabetta Cilli
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Review articles: History of Medicine

Heterogenic transfusion in Italy. Historical review of a medical practice

Ilaria Gorini, Omar Larentis, Rosagemma Ciliberti, Barbara Pezzoni
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Page 181-184

The light of knowledge. Brief historical outline of some of the talented people who changed the destiny of the blind, from Haüy to Brail

Maria Cristina Petralia, Marinella Coco, Maria Sofia Basile
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Page 185-187

Original articles: Paleopathology

Bioarchaeology of the human remains of the so-called “sailor” from the site of the ancient ships of Pisa - San Rossore

Francesco Mallegni, Chiara Tesi, Stefano Ricci
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Original articles: Bioethics

Genome editing: slipping down toward Eugenics?

Davide Battisti
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Letter to Editor: History of Medicine

Voices from the past defending Criminal Anthropology

Silvia Iorio
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Letter to Editor: Bioethics

A light in the dark: the history and ethics of a therapeutic relationship

Liliana Lorettu
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