Published: 09-09-2021



Marta Licata
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Original articles: History of Medicine

Searching for the Normal Vision. Measuring Visual Acuity in the 19th Century

Corinne Doria
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Nineteenth Century Moral Treatment of Mental Illness Wore Many Hats

David Evers
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Original articles: Paleopathology

Original articles: Bioethics

The Italian legislator’s silence on physician-assisted suicide: legal and bioethical implications

Rosagemma Ciliberti, Nicola Bragazzi, Anna Siri, Paolo Petralia, Alessandro Bonsignore
Abstract 295 | PDF Downloads 82

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Case report: History of Medicine

Malformed skulls from criminal Anthropology: a preliminary study on the Cranioteca of the Anthropology Museum of Naples

Lucia Borrelli, Mariailaria Verderame
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Case study: Paleopathology

Letter to Editor: History of Medicine

Traces of goitre in some archaeological finds

Gaspare Baggieri, Luigi Galieti, Giorgio Di Matteo
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Book Reviews

Book reviews

Massimo Aliverti
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