Published: 11-05-2023



Marta Licata
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Original articles: History of Medicine

Historical research on the practices of care and assistance in witchcraft trials held at Poschiavo (CH) between 1631 and 1753

Stefano Giorgetta, Edoardo Manzoni, Maura Lusignani
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Smallpox vaccination in Nias Island, Indonesia, 1854-1915

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Original articles: Bioethics

Assisted suicide and new issues: the Ethics Committees

Rosagemma Ciliberti, Alessandro Bonsignore, Paolo Gianatti, Nicolò Patroniti
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The history, not so short, of neuroethics

Francesca Donato, Annalidia Donato, Simona Corrado, Luigina Volpentesta, Giuseppe Donato
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Case study: Paleopathology

Breast cancer in the 17th century: the cases of the wives of Luis Guillermo de Moncada (1614-1672)

Antonio Fornaciari, Valentina Giuffra, Gino Fornaciari
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Short Report: Paleopathology

Preservation of single human hearts from archaeological and historical contexts

Ruggero D'Anastasio, Arianna Di Felice, Jacopo Cilli, Patrizio Ripari, Lorenza Speranza, Sara Franceschelli, Luigi Capasso
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Letter to Editor: Paleopathology

Unlocking the secrets of Modern mummies: an untapped resource in Northern Italian Museums

Caterina Pangrazzi
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Short communication: History of Medicine

Parasites Between the Ancient China and Western Culture

Cristina Tornali, Ignazio Vecchio, Goran Kuvačic, Flavio Alfio Giangiuseppe Vecchio, Sonia Angilletta, Andrea De Giorgio
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