Published: 20-12-2023



Marta Licata
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Original articles: History of Medicine

Nias Island: looking at the life and health of the Ono Niha in the 19th Century

Junaidi, Budi Agustono, Heristina Dewi, Mhd. Pujiono, Kiki Maulana Affandi
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Orthopedics between Milan and Mexico: a case from the late 19th century

Lucie Biehler-Gomez, Alessandro Porro
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Mario Santoro (1905-1998): a pioneer of Italian nipiology

Silvia Iorio, Fabiola Zurlini
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Original articles: Bioethics

Managing brain-hype: understanding and discriminating overemphasized brain-based allegations

Marta Vassallo, Mario Picozzi
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Short report: History of Medicine

History of the first organ transplant: blood transfusions

Karidia Karaboue
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Bioethical aspects of prenatal diagnosis

Karidia Karaboue
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Short report: Bioethics

An ethical challenge: Towards digital healthcare

Paolo Petralia, Rosagemma Ciliberti
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Letter to Editor: History of Medicine

The synergy between museums, culture, and well-being: a new way to health

Rosagemma Ciliberti, Roberta Fusco
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