A third mission at the Nursing Study course University of Parma. Intervention report.

A third mission at the Nursing Study course University of Parma. Intervention report.


  • Rachele La Sala Parma University
  • Sandrino Luigi Marra
  • Pasquale La Torre
  • Michele Minari
  • Giulia Pelosi
  • Chiara Taffurelli
  • Rita Romano
  • Giuseppe Marletta
  • Cristina Casubolo
  • Margherita De Fanti


Third Mission, intercultural nursing, student education


Background: The term Third Mission refers to the activities with which universities interact directly with the communities and the territory of reference, combining the objectives of the third mission with the two traditional missions: teaching and research.  These were the premises that guided the Nursing Studies Course of the University of Parma, with the goal of implementing a structured path of “Intercultural Nursing” on a demo-ethno-anthropological basis. Methods: The path taken was divided into several phases: arrangement of moments of interaction with students; teaching activity aimed at students based on the relationship between ethno-anthropological knowledge, aspects of migration medicine and social legislation; direct meetings with representatives of some communities present in the Parma area. Results: The interaction with students was achieved through meetings called “Cultural Coffee”. The first meetings, in the measure of 4-5, took place in the period October-December 2013, subsequently, the same number of meetings was repeated in the following years. In 2019, two important results were achieved: the creation of an ADE (teaching chosen by the student) dedicated to multiculturality. Another activity of the “Intercultural Nursing” course involve the students with some communities in the Parma area. Conclusion: The results of this experience and the underlying idea that these aspects, if addressed in the basic training, can be for the professionals most expendable in the workplace, provide reasons to continue the path started. The international comparison on the intercultural skills of nurses, indicates collaboration and partnership with communities, as fundamental elements for a complete and effective assistance.

Author Biography

Rachele La Sala, Parma University

Direzione del Servizio Assistenziale


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