Cor triatriatum dexter: a rare incidentaloma

Cor triatriatum dexter: a rare incidentaloma


  • Francesca De Michele
  • Maria Teresa Paparella
  • Valentina Forte
  • Domenico Riccardo Rosario Chieppa
  • Francesco Nemore
  • Giuseppe Guglielmi


cor triatriatum dexter (CTD), atrial sept defect, cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR)


Cor triatriatum dexter (CTD) is an extremely rare finding resulting from the persistence of the right valve of sinus venosus. It is a congenital cardiac anomaly defined by an abnormal septation of the atrium leading to inflow obstruction to the respective ventricle. Multimodal diagnostic modalities are necessary to characterize it for an optimal patient management. We report the case of a 68-year-old woman who presented to our clinic for further feedback of ventricular ectopic beats.


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