Well begun is half done

Well begun is half done


  • Leopoldo Sarli


I have the honour of presenting this first special edition of the journal Acta BioMedica, dedicated to the health professions. This initiative, which has provoked widely favourable reactions among those involved, is not an attempt to introduce a new scientific journal onto the international circuit; its true aim is to further widen the catchment area for a scientific journal that has reached its 83rd year of publication, and that for many decades has followed the cultural evolution of the scientific world revolving around the society
of medicine and natural science in Parma.

Author Biography

Leopoldo Sarli

Department of Surgical Sciences of Parma University




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Sarli L. Well begun is half done. Acta Biomed [Internet]. 2014 Jun. 24 [cited 2024 Jul. 22];85(3S):4. Available from: https://www.mattioli1885journals.com/index.php/actabiomedica/article/view/3696