Multi-dimensional nursing form: a novel means of approaching nurse-led secondary cardiology prevention

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Rachele La Sala
Chiara Foà
Giorgia Paoli
Maria Mattioli
Emilia Solinas
Giovanna Artioli
Diego Ardissino


multidimensional nursing form, narrative, acute coronary syndrome, secondary prevention


Background and Aim: Secondary prevention after an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) has proved to be effective in patients with coronary heart disease, and is strongly recommended by the international guidelines. However, there is a lack of widespread secondary preventive programmes in real-world clinical practice, even though it has been shown that these can be successfully conducted by nurses. Method and Results: We have designed a multicentre randomised trial involving patients with ACS in which nurses will fully coordinate secondary prevention in the intervention arm using a multidimensional nursing form after attending ad hoc teaching sessions.


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