Epidemiology of gastric cancer and risk factors

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Ottavia Cavatorta
Serena Scida
Chiara Miraglia
Alberto Barchi
Antonio Nouvenne
Gioacchino Leandro
Tiziana Meschi
Gian Luigi de' Angelis
Francesco Di Mario


gastric cancer, diagnosis, risk factors, epidemiology


Gastric cancer is, still nowadays, an important healthcare problem worldwide. In Italy, it represents the fifth tumour by frequency in both men and women over 70 years old. A crucial point is represented by the percentage of early gastric cancers usually found, which is actually very low, and it carries to a worse morbidity and mortality. The most important focus in this oncological disease, is to perform an effective detection of the most common precancerous lesion linked with this neoplasia, chronic atrophic gastritis, in order to avoid the future outcome of gastric cancer itself.


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