Appropriate neck circumference cut-off points for overweight and central obesity in Turkish University students Neck circumference cut-off points

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Ismail Özkaya
Aydın Tunckale


waist circumference, central obesity, owerweight, neck circumference


Background: NC is an easier and faster anthropometric measurement and has been demonstrated that there is strong correlation between NC and WC

Material and Methods: In addition to our preliminary study we have demonstrated that; the NC has strong corelation with owerveight and central obesity.In  this step of the preliminary study,  we investigated to evaluate the correlation of the neck circumference with BMI, WC, W/H ratio and to establish cut off values of the NC for prediction of overweight and central obesity in larger population.

Results:  The prevalence of overweight was 17.1%.  An NC of >37 cm for men and >32.5 cm for women was the best cut off point for determining subjects with overweight (P<0.001). The AUC was 0.918 for men and 0.907 for women. The prevalence of abdominal obesity was 15.1%.  NC of >38.5 cm for men and >33.5cm for women was the best cut-off point for determining subjects with obese (P<0.001).

Conclusions: NC >37 cm for men and >32.5 cm for women was the best cut-off point to determine subjects with overweight and a NC >38.5 cm for men and >33.5cm for women was the best cut-off point to determine subjects with central obesity.


Key Words: Neck circumference, Waist circumference, Central Obesity, Overweight, Cut-off

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