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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • All submissions must meet the following requirements.

    • The manuscript has not already been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
    • The manuscript complies with the requirements of the Instructions to Authors in About the Journal.
    • In the TITLE box the title of the manuscript is inserted using capital letters only for the first letter of the title and for proper names. In the ABSTRACT box the abstract of the manuscript has been inserted using capital letters only for proper names. In the KEY WORD box at least 3 key words have been inserted using capital letters only for the first letter of each key word and for proper names. In the REFERENCES box, the list of the references of the article.
    • Please pay attention to these instructions: the corrections to the articles will be accepted and the articles will be corrected when and only, we will send you the official letter of proofreading request. The submitted corrections not requested by the Editorial Office will not be considered. We will send you the proofreading request about 1 month before the publication of the article.
    • With this submission, you agree, in the name and on behalf of any co-authors too, to the use of personal data collected for each purpose connected with this registration, to receive promotional material and, for any other purposes that may be necessary pursuant to EU Reg. N. 679/2016 and of the Legislative Decree n. 101/2018, as well as any other provision on the subject. / Effettuando tale submission, acconsenti, anche in nome e per conto di eventuali coautori, all’utilizzo dei dati personali raccolti per ogni finalità connessa alla presente registrazione, per ricevere materiale promozionale e, per ogni altro scopo che si rendesse necessario ai sensi del Reg. UE n. 679/2016 e del D.lgs. n. 101/2018, nonché di qualsiasi altra disposizione in materia.
    • The submission form is filled out with the names and surnames of all authors, and not only of the corresponding author, using capital letters only for the first letter of authors’ names.
    • Please, mark in red the Family name of the authors in the Title page file
    • Authors are welcome to suggest, in the "Comments for the Editor", at least 2 full names (with their email address and affiliation) of potential Reviewers. The suggested Reviewers must have no conflict of interest with the proposal research. Please, specify the first name and the last name.
    • Have you download the two sample files for your online submission?
      SVDLD title page sample and SVDLD manuscript sample. Then, upload both files in your submission.

      Make sure that no author information is present in the manuscript file, since we are using double-blind peer review. Please, you should upload the 2 files: "the title page" file and the "manuscript file". As in the samples, the "title page" file must contain: a concise informative title; full author(s) names (full first name and last name); department or institution where work was done (not what you are or you do in this department, as MD, PhD, …); full name and address of author to whom correspondence about the manuscript and request should be referred, as well as fax (if it is available), E-mail and telephone number; a running title of no more than 40 characters. The title page file will not be included in the review process. The manuscript file must contain text, summary, key words, tables and figures, legends, and references.
    • Please be sure that the metadata online is correct (when you fill out the form submitting the article). Requests for addition/deletion/change of authors or affiliations received after the publication of the issue will not be considered. The online submission form must contain the full names of all authors, using the button "add contributors" with capital letters only for the first letter of authors’ names. Metadata are crucial for the indexing of the paper and of authors and for attribution of copyright to ALL authors. Attention: Any submission received for a manuscript with more than one contributor, in which only one author has been inserted in the metadata, will result in immediate rejection, asking for a correct re-submission. The author names and affiliations inserted in the online submission system will be those which will be published in PubMed. The Editorial staff is therefore not responsible for eventual inaccuracies or mistakes in the affiliations inserted during the submission process.
    • AGREEMENT between MATTIOLI 1885 s.r.l. and the Article’s AUTHOR
      Article 1 Purpose:
      The purpose of this agreement is to ensure effective global dissemination of the Article, enabling the Publisher to carry out necessary activities for publication, distribution, and preservation of the work, respecting the rights of the parties as defined below.
      Article 2 - Rights License:
      By accepting this agreement, the Author grants Mattioli 1885 srl an exclusive license to exploit the rights, as specified below:
      a. Reproduce the Article, in whole or in part, and communicate the Article to the public in print and/or digital form, both individually and in combination with works of others, for example, making it available on the internet or any other networks, as part of a database, online or offline, for third-party use.
      b. Translate the Article into other languages and communicate translations of the Article to the public.
      c. Create adaptations, summaries, or extracts of the Article or other derivative works based on the Article and exercise all rights in such adaptations, summaries, extracts, and derivative works.
      d. The Publisher agrees to acknowledge the Author's name and the source in a standard bibliographic citation.
      Article 3 - Rights Reserved to the Author:
      The Author retains all other rights related to the Article not granted to the Publisher and, in particular, may exercise the following rights, not for profit:
      a. Educational or Research Use: Reproduce the Article, in whole or in part, and communicate or make it available to the public, both in print and/or digital format, as part of an educational package or compilation, for use in educational or research settings within the Author's institution or affiliated institutions.
      b. Preservation: Grant the Author's institution (or another appropriate organization) the authority to preserve the Article to prevent deterioration and ensure the Article continues to be available for educational and research purposes.
      c. Future Reuse: Reuse the whole or part of the Article in a thesis, compilation, or other work.
      d. Personal Use: Present the Article at a meeting or conference.
      Article 4 - Warranties:
      1. The Author guarantees the originality of the work and being its sole creator. The Author also guarantees that the Article does not violate any existing copyright or moral rights of third parties.
      2. The Author guarantees not to have assigned to third parties the right to economic exploitation of the work itself.
      3. The Author will indemnify and compensate the Publisher for any claims from third parties arising from the publication of the Article in case of a breach of this warranty. The warranties in this clause also apply to drawings, tables, photographs, or other illustrations included in the Article and provided by the Author.
      4. The Author guarantees that the content is not defamatory or otherwise injurious to the moral or economic rights of others.
      5. The Author authorizes the Publisher to take, in cooperation with the Author, necessary measures to prevent third-party copyright violations on the Article. The Author and the Publisher agree to provide each other with full cooperation and complete information in this regard. Costs are subject to a separate agreement when the issue arises.
      Article 5 - Publication Obligation:
      Mattioli 1885 undertakes to publish the Article according to customary standards and at the Publisher’s expense within a reasonable period from the acceptance.
      Article 6 - Legal Relationship:
      The Publisher may transfer exploitation rights to a third party, provided that this third party fulfills the Publisher's obligations under this agreement with the Author. If the Author can demonstrate that her/his moral rights are compromised by the Publisher's use of her/his Article, she/he may request the cessation of such use.
      Article 7 - Multiple Authors:
      In the case of multiple Authors, the above-identified Author (first Author) guarantees having the consent of each Author to sign this Publication License on their behalf.
      Article 8 - Final Clause:
      The agreement becomes effective immediately after the Acceptance of the work and remains effective for the entire duration of the copyright on the Article.