Bolognese Medicine during the Time of Dante

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Patrizia Fughelli


Bolognese medicine, Mondino de’ Liuzzi, Dante Alighieri


This research article shows the importance of the Anothomia written by Mondino de’ Liuzzi in Medical history. It was decided to consider Mondino and Dante and dissection because this enables us to draw attention to the medical profession and to raise questions related to training in health. Specifically in scientific and educational context, the centrality of body experience is essential and the primary way of learning in medical knowledge is given by the formation and shaping of a gaze on the body and the patient’s experience. The anatomy lesson in particular, given that it is the first experience of body transformation seen through biomedical gaze which medical students must undergo, may be considered as food for thought to shed light on some of the issues related to action of doctors. 

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