The history of public healthcare in Russia

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Vladimir A. Reshetnikov
Natalia V. Ekkert
Lorenzo Capasso
Evgeny V. Arsentyev
Maria S. Mikerova
Irina I Yukushina



The article presents the historical evolution of healthcare system in Russia, from early Soviet times until the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the communist era. The development of the healthcare system is described and analyzed in relation to key public health indicators, and the role of developed principles in modern Russian healthcare system. The paper deals with a peculiar system: in international literature four healthcare models are identified, the so called Semashko model was developed and firstly structured in the USSR and secondary applied in other communist countries. Considering that nowadays most of the world countries, including Russia, use Bismark or Beveridge systems, a serious historical reconsideration appears be useful.

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