Albert R. Jonsen: one of the most important pioneers of Bioethics and Clinical Ethics. An historical portrait

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Silvia Siano


Albert R. Jonsen, Bioethics, Clinical Ethics, Casuistry, Medical Ethics


Starting from his most significant books “The Birth of Bioethics”, “The Abuse of Casuistry”, and “Clinical Ethics”, the articles aims to trace a short but exhaustive historical-scientific itinerary on the work of Albert R. Jonsen, who is considered one of the “Founding Fathers” of contemporary Bioethics and Clinical Ethics. The outlined biographical path outlined serves as a guide to the reflection on the peculiar characteristics of the first true clinical bioethicist, really in contact with patients and health care professionals. Furthermore, the essay offers an overview on his most significant contribution in the history of bioethical thought: the definition of the Neocasistic method in Clinical Ethics.

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