Published: 26-08-2022


The international dialogue of human sciences

Marta Licata
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Review articles: History of Medicine

Original articles: History of Medicine

Historical micronutrient psychiatry: descriptive analysis of patients with pellagra admitted to the "San Lazzaro" asylum in Reggio Emilia (Italy) in the decade 1901-1910

Luca Pingani, Anna Garagnani, Mattia Marchi, Chiara Bombardieri, Gian Maria Galeazzi
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Short report: History of Medicine

From pathologist to surgeon: the surgical tools inventions and techniques of Lodovico Brunetti

Giovanni Magno, Fabio Zampieri, Alberto Zanatta
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Original articles: Bioethics

Parenting, between radicalism and ideology

Linda Alfano, Liliana Lorettu, Roberta Monteleone, Rosagemma Ciliberti
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Case study: Paleopathology

A retrospective study on the artificial mummification of the Blessed Andrea da Montereale (AD 1479)

Luca Ventura, Mirko Traversari, Noemi Sabatini, Elisabetta Cilli, Giacomo Telera, Maurizio Ripani
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Letter to Editor: History of Medicine

Green Pass versus Health Faiths. To travel in confidence with public health

Omar Larentis
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Letter to Editor: Bioethics

Abortion and privacy: the importance to respect maternal choices regarding the burial of the fetus

Chiara Tesi, Alessandro Bonsignore, Francesca Buffelli, Francesco Ventura
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