Pelvic tumors with deep venous thromboses as the main symptom: 4 cases reports and literature review

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Cheng Liu
Dingfeng Li
Jun Guo
Qiu Cui
Yanjun Zeng


Pelvic tumor, Deep venous thromboses (DVTs), Misdiagnosis, Intra-arterial intervention chemotherapy


Objective: To probe into reasons for misdiagnosing pelvic tumor as deep venous thrombosis, as well as diagnostic methods and effective treatments for pelvic tumor. Methods: 4 case reports on misdiagnosing pelvic tumor as deep venous thrombosis and further analysis of the causes of misdiagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment, with study of the literature. Results: The 4 cases misdiagnosed as pelvic tumor  were actually fibroneuroma, myxo-fluidity Liposarcoma, moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, and synovial sarcoma respectively. The tumor in the first case was completely removed, and in the other 3 cases the malignant tumors were resected when the tumors shrank with clear boundary and less blood supply after application of 3 cycles of intra-arterial chemotherapy via an implanted pump. Conclusion: Pelvic tumor usually shows up or is misdiagnosed as deep venous thrombosis because of its untypical clinical manifestation, so one should be on the alert for pelvic tumor when deep venous thrombosis occurs. Tumor resection is preferred for benign tumor, and intra-arterial intervention chemotherapy should first be applied for malignant tumor, followed by surgery.


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