Stomach / Stomaco (C16.9) - A case report of gastric metastases from malignant melanoma

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Gaetano Magenta
Anna Alberti
Vincenzo Arigliano
Roberto Maccaferri
Giampaolo Bragagni


anemia, gastric ulcer, melanoma, gastric metastases


Background: The gastrointestinal tract is an apparently unusual site of metastases from malignant melanoma. Clinical picture: We present a case of an elderly patient hospitalized at our Unit for severe anemia associated with dyspeptic disorders, who a year earlier had undergone the removal of a melanoma of the skin of the left calf. Results: The EGDS found two large ulcerated lesions of gastric mucosa, which proved at histological examination to be metastases from melanoma. Conclusion: The presence of anemia and/or digestive symptoms in a patient with previous history of melanoma could indicate a gastrointestinal tumor localization.


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