Published: 2014-10-14

Twelfth Collegium Ramazzini statement

Thirteenth Collegium Ramazzini statement


Selikoff, asbestos and “la trahison des clercs”

Morris Greenberg
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 72

Page 149-160


Occupational cancer prevention in Scotland: a missing public health priority

Andrew Watterson, Thomas Gorman, Rory O'Neill
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 161-170

Articles on original studies and research

Asbestos exposure in patients affected by bile duct tumours

Giovanna Brandi, Stefania Di Girolamo, Fiorella Belpoggi, Gianluca Grazi, Giorgio Ercolani, Guido Biasco
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 171-180

Familial mesothelioma: a puzzling issue

Claudio Bianchi, Alessandro Memo, Tommaso Bianchi
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 109

Page 181-186

Polymorphisms and haplotypes of XRCC1 and APE1 and risk of childhood leukaemia in China: a case-control analysis

Ren Zhu, Yuxia Wu, Fen-juan Lu, Ai-hong Wang, Jing-yang Tang, Jin-cai Zhao, Chao Chen, Zhao-lin Xia
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 187-192

Institutional news

Scientists challenge bioelectromagnetics foundations

Elizabeth Kelley
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 193-195