Published: 2015-06-26


Maintenance treatment in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): pro

Francesca Mazzoni, Alice Lunghi, Paolo Petreni, Agnese Vannini, Elisa Pellegrini, Fabiana Letizia Cecere, Francesco Di Costanzo
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Usefulness of induction chemotherapy followed by definitive chemoradiotherapy for oropharyngeal cancer: implications for the selection of candidates for organ-preserving treatment based on the response to induction chemotherapy

Takeshi Yanagi, Yuta Shibamoto, Rumi Murata, Fumiya Baba, Chisa Hashizume, Aiko Nagai, Akifumi Miyakawa, Michio Iwabuchi, Kaoru Uchiyama, Chikao Sugie
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Diagnostic accuracy of frozen section in borderline ovarian tumors

Giuseppina Palumbo, Giovanna Giordano, Andrea Dall'Asta, Michela Monica, Daniele Mautone, Maurizio Di Serio, Roberto Berretta
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Percutaneous microwave ablation for hepatic cavernous hemangiomas: a preliminary clinical result

Zhigang Cheng, Ping Liang, Xiaoling Yu, Zhiyu Han, Pei Zhou, Fangyi Liu, Jie Yu
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Enhancement of tumor radio-response by vinorelbine in vitro and vivo in mice lung tumor xenografts

Chunling Gao, Xiaofeng Cheng, Xiaoliang Wang, Beibei Zhang, Jiao Zhang
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Case reports

Concurrent papillary cancer of the thyroid gland and parathyroid carcinoma with paraplegia as the chief presenting complaint

Hamidreza Zakeri, Fatemeh Rahmani, Farhad Moussazadeh, Mohammad Samadian, Falahati Farahnaz
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Clinical and anamnestic evaluation rĂ´le for the diagnosis and treatment of families affected by Lynch syndrome. Case report and review of the literature

Bianca Cudia, Raffaella Liccardo, Giovanni Di Carlo, Giuseppe Damiano, Attilio Ignazio Lo Monte, Paola Izzo, Francesca Duraturo
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Specific topics

Statistical study of environmental factors involved in incidence and emergence of blood cancers: retrospective clinical studies

Saber Imani, Ali Mohammad Zand, Hojjate Borna, Yunes Panahi, Jafar Salimian, Alireza Saadat, Robabeh Ziaei, Saeedeh Hajihosseini, Maryam Adib, Junjiang Fu
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