About the Journal

Bioarchaeology in a general sense is the discipline that deals with the study of any biological remains recovered from archaeological contexts. It concerns the analysis of human osteological remains of archaeological interest. Bioarchaeology is an integrative, holistic field that combines different theories, methods, and studies to offer a comprehensive interpretative framework of archaeological contexts. Interdisciplinary aspects are aimed at improving data upon biological findings in the archaeological record. The JBR addresses bioarchaeological methods from field studies, laboratory analyses, to data interpretation.


Aims and Scope

The aim of the  JBR is to provide a platform for the publication of scientific papers concerning all the aspects related to bioarchaeology. The journal publishes worldwide original articles, case reports, short communications, and letters to the editor. All the contributions are peer-reviewed and open access.

IJBA covers such areas as:

  • Physical Anthropology;
  • Paleopathology;
  • Mortuary and Funerary Archaeology;
  • Taphonomy;
  • Zooarchaeology;
  • Environmental Archeology;
  • Archaeobotany;
  • Archaeometry;
  • Bioarchaeological collections (museum);
  • Ethical issues in dealing with human remains;
  • Theoretical approaches;
  • Bone analysis;
  • Excavation techniques;
  • Documentation techniques;
  • Geoarchaeology.


The Journal provides a reference for archaeologists, anthropologists, osteologists, human and animal bone specialists, palaeopathologists,   and others working in this integrative field


Osteoarchaeology, Bioarchaeology, Archaeology, Bones, Skeletal remains, Biological findings, Archaeozoology, Geoarchaeology, Palinology.