A vascular lesion in hip revision arthroplasty: a case report

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Stefano Giaretta
Gian Mario Micheloni
Federico Mosconi
Valentina Luppi
Alessandro Vanzetti
Marco Gulmini
Alberto Momoli


Acetabular revision, vascular lesion, femoral artery lesion, femoral vein laceration


Vascular injuries during hip revision surgery can be life-threatening complications for patients. There are many aspects to consider when approaching this type of surgery for an optimal diagnostic and therapeutic strategy, as a careful planning with extensive preoperative investigations, a full attention during the surgical procedure and the use of suitable material for a proper treatment. This kind of surgery can require a dedicated and trained multidisciplinary team. We report a case of an acute intraoperative vascular lesion during an acetabular revision performed in a 55-years-old patient.


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