All the articles, reviews and communications published in ActaBiomed go through the peer-review process and receive the reviewers reports. The Editor-in-Chief will communicate any decision to the corresponding author regarding the following:

  • Accepted in Present Form: The paper is accepted for publication without any further changes required from the authors.The manuscript is sent to production and published on.
  • Accepted after minor modification: The paper is in principle accepted after revision based on the reviewer’s comments. Authors have 15 days to review their paper and to resubmit it. Editors will not send resubmitted papers to the reviewers if it seems that the authors have not made a serious attempt to address all the referees’ criticisms. A final decision on publication is deferred, pending the authors’ response to the referees’ comments.
  • Should be reconsidered after major revisions: The acceptance of the manuscript would depend on the revisions. The author needs to provide a point by point response or provide a rebuttal if some of the reviewer’s comments cannot be revised. Usually, only one round of major revisions is allowed. Authors will be asked to resubmit the revised paper within 30 days. The revised version will be returned to the reviewers for a further evaluation. Once you manuscript has come back from reviewers you may be given the opportunity to revise it in accordance with the reviewer comments. You will receive a letter from the Editor-in Chief who handled your manuscript outlining the changes they would like you to make and links to the reviewer reports. A final decision on publication is deferred, pending the authors’ response to the referees’ comments.
  • Rejected with the Encouragement of  Resubmission: An article where additional data are needed to support the conclusions will be rejected and the authors will be encouraged to re-submit the paper once further information have been collected. If the authors choose to resubmit at a later date, this will be considered as  a new submission.
  • Rejected: The paper is rejected because the referees have raised no original contribution  or considerable technical objections and/or the authors’ claim has not been adequately established. Authors may appeal decisions if there is concrete evidence for a misunderstanding or mistake at the editorial or referee level. Appeals are evaluated in depth and without prejudice.
  • “Unsubmitted” Manuscript: The manuscript that has not been submitted following the ActaBiomed guidelines is rejected.  This does not preclude resubmission of a corrected manuscript and is unlikely to affect reviewer assessment and, eventually, editorial decision. Authors are encouraged to resubmit within 15 days a new updated version in the same submission.

Please, enclosed also the Journal Editor in the Discussion/Comunication.

Accepted and rejected manuscripts are retained for six months after publication or rejection, then destroyed.

When revising your manuscript and responding to peer review comments you must:

  • Address all points raised by the editor and reviewers. Do not simple reply: "All changes made as requested"
  • Describe the major revisions to your manuscript in your response letter following by point-by-point responses to the comments raised.
  • Clearly show the major revisions in the text, either with a different color text, by highlighting the changes. This is in addition to describing the changes in your point by point cover letter.
  • Differentiate between reviewer comments and your responses in your letter.
  • Return the revised manuscript and response letter within the time period allotted by the editor.