Proximal fibular stress fracture in adolecent soccer player. A case report

Proximal fibular stress fracture in adolecent soccer player. A case report


  • Alberto Longhi
  • Umberto Ferrari
  • Paolo Schiavi
  • Alessio Pedrazzini
  • Enrico Vaienti
  • Francesco Ceccarelli
  • Filippo Calderazzi


fibula, stress, fracture, sport, adolescence


Fibular fractures are the third most common stress fractures in children and adolescents. Proximal fibular location is a very rare finding, with few reports in the literature and, frequently, careful investigations before a definitive diagnosis could be necessary. The authors report a case of an adolescent 13 years old soccer player with a proximal fibular fracture that was initially underestimated and misdiagnosed and ultimately confirmed as a stress lesion by MRI.


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