VAS for assessing the perception of antihistamines use in allergic rhinitis

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Giorgio Ciprandi
Ignazio La Mantia


allergic rhinitis, antihistamines, visual analogue scale, medication use, perception


The quantification of the antihistamines’ consumption is particularly relevant in clinical practice, since their remarkable use is usually associated with severe symptoms. The aim of the study was to measure the visual analogue scale (VAS) for assessing the patient’s perception about antihistamines use in patients with allergic rhinitis. 103 patients (49 males, mean age 35.9 years) with allergic rhinitis due to Parietaria pollen were evaluated retrospectively. They recorded monthly the number of antihistamine tables they took during the pollen season (lasting for about 5 months). There was a strong relationship (r= 0.921 Pearson; p<0.0001) between the number of tablets and the VAS score. The assessment of the perception of the antihistamines use by VAS could be an easy and quick tool in the management of patients with allergic rhinitis in clinical practice.


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