Fracture of Cobalt-Crome Modular Neck in Total Hip Arthroplasty

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Luigi Murena
Guido Maritan
Chiara Concina
Veronica Scamacca
Chiara Ratti
Gianluca Canton


Cobalt-Crome, Modular neck fracture, Total Hip replacement, Hip arthroplasty, Risk factors


Despite the advantages of modular total hip arthroplasty in terms of neck version, offset and length precise reproduction, titanium necks breakage became a concern. Consequently, titanium has been replaced by cobalt-chrome (Co-Cr). However, four cases of Co-Cr modular neck breakage have been reported in the literature. In the present paper, two cases of Co-Cr modular neck fractures are described together with a literature review. The aim of this work is to discuss the risk factors and characteristics of this rare complication. We described two cases of fracture of long varus Co-Cr modular femoral neck connected with cementless press-fit stem. Some risk factors, such as long varus type of modular neck, overweight and/or high demanding physical activity, might have contributed to implant failure.


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