Immediate-implant-based-breast-reconstruction with two-stage expander-implant reconstruction versus one-stage-reconstruction with acellular dermal matrix: analysis of patients’ satisfaction

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Alessandro Innocenti
Dario Melita
Marco Affortunati
Tommaso Susini
Marco Innocenti


breast reconstruction; immediate breast reconstruction; breast cancer; ADM; breast implant;



The aim of this retrospective study is to evaluate the patient-reported outcome after immediate ADM-assisted implant- based breast reconstruction.

Material and Methods

Patients underwent breast reconstruction from 2015 to 2019 have been retrospectively divided into group A (partial subpectoral implant and ADM and group B (expander/implant). For each patient we evaluated retrospectively postoperative complications and patients’ satisfaction.


26 patients from the case group and 40 from the control group completed the BREAST-Q. The incidence of complications in the cases was 18.4%, while in the control group was 20.4%.  We found no statistical difference in most of the domains and in the mean score of the questionnaire (mean score cases=69.0±14.4 vs controls=68.4±15.7; p=0.888). A significant difference results only in the domains Q2a and Q2b, sensation of rippling.

Conclusions. The use of ADM in one-stage reconstruction allows to perform breast reconstruction in only one surgery, with similar complication rates and patient satisfaction.


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