Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2011-02-01

Original articles

Celiac disease in children with Type 1 Diabetes: impact of gluten freediet on diabetes management

I. Sponzilli, G. Chiari, B. Iovane
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 165-170

Eating behaviour and body image in a sample of young athletes

C.A. Pruneti, M. Montecucco, F. Fontana et al.
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 67

Page 171-184

Retroperitoneal tumor invasion of the inferior vena cava.A single-centre experience in tumor thrombectomy

S. Georgopoulos, E. Felekouras, F. Markatis et al.
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 185-188

Efficacy of nutrition counselling in young people with diabetes

A. La Loggia, L. Bivona
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 53

Page 189-195

Vaccine co-administration in paediatric age: the experience of theLocal Health Unit of Cuneo-1 (Ambito di Cuneo), Italy

A. Pellegrino, G. Busellu, A. Cucchi et al.
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 43

Page 204-209

Focus on

Coxibs: a significant therapeutic opportunity

D. Gatti, S. Adami
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 217-224

Case Reports

Brain abscess of odontogenic origin in a man with interatrial defect

B. Milli, A. Rocci, E. Paganelli et al.
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 225-229

Advanced adenocarcinoma of terminal ileum: an unusual neoplasmrevealed by an unusual diagnostic tool

M.C. Nocchiero, G. Verderosa, N. Muscatiello et al.
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 44

Page 230-232

Synovial sarcoma of the foot enlightening etiology: a case report

N. Yu, F. Cheng, L. Xiao et al.
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 230-232