Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2009-12-01


Atherogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis: the “rheumatoidvasculopathy”?

P. Fietta, G. Delsante
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Page 177-186

A gust of WNT: analysis of the canonical WNT pathway

S. Giunta
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Page 187-199

Original articles

Optimal fosamprenavir regimen to prevent lipid abnormalities

E. Lattuada, M. Lanzafame, C. Grosso, F. Soldani, et al.
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 200-202

Thyroid autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes in children: screening datafrom Juvenile Diabetes Tuscany Regional Centre

L. Lenzi, S. Mirri, M. Generoso, M. Guasti, et al.
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 46

Page 203-206

Evaluation of the patterns of diagnostic and therapeutic care for firstreferrals at the Parma Headache Centre

A. Bini, P. Castellini, A. Evangelista, F. Evaristi, et al.
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 37

Page 207-218

Talar fractures: long-term results

F. Pogliacomi, M. De Filippo, G. Soncini, M. Frattini
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 48

Page 219-224

Cytoreductive surgery and ovarian carcinoma

G. Balbi, A. Monteverde, I. Landino, M. Amparo Manganaro, et al.
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Page 230-234

Defunctioning stoma in high-risk rectal anastomosis

P. Del Rio, P. Dell'Abate, P. Soliani, M F. Arcuri, et al.
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Page 234-237

Botox® for chronic anal fissure: is it useful? A clinical experience withmid-term follow-up

G. Piccinni, E. Poli, A. Angrisano, A. Sciusco, et al.
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 445

Page 234-237

Case Reports

How to explain a PaO2 of 140 mmHg in a venous line?

A. Mizzi, G. Landoni, L. Corno, M. Fichera, et al.
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 262-264

Antiviral properties of antineoplastic drugs. From Herpes simplex-1disappearance to a wide antiviral action: a serendipity case report

A. Debernardis, G. Alfonsi, L. Santacroce, L. Bottalico, et al.
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Page 265-267

Inveterate traumatic dislocation of the hip: a case report

E. R. Bonaventure, A. Pedrazzini, F. Ceccarelli
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Page 278-281

Total laparoscopic hysterectomy of an uterus of 1840 grams: a casereport

M. Rolla, M. L. Gagliardi, L. Giacomantonio, M. Cacaroni, et al.
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Page 282-285

Gynecomastia disclosing diagnosis of Leydig cell tumour in a man withthalassemia, secondary hypogonadism and testis microlithiasis

M. Wasniewska, G. Raiola, T. Arrigo, M. C. Galati, et al.
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 48

Page 286-288

Up to Date

CT angiography of the coronary arteries: setting new diagnosticstandards in cardiovascular medicine

F. Cademartiri, A. Palumbo, E. Maffei, C. Martini, et al.
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Page 292-298

Letters to the Editor

Sport injuries prevention strategy in active children.The Giocampus Barilla experience

V. Finardi, I. Sponzilli, G. Monti, E. Volta
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 32

Page 301-303