Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2009-08-01


Liraglutide in type 2 diabetes: from pharmacological development toclinical practice

M. C. Rossi, A. Nicolucci
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Page 93-101

Airway clearance therapy in cystic fibrosis patients

G. Pisi, A. Chetta
Abstract 679 | PDF Downloads 726

Page 102-106

Original articles

Sedentary lifestyle in active children admitted to a summer sportschool

V. Fainardi, C. Scarabello, B. Iovane, M. K. Errico, et al.
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 107-116

Adiponectin, IL-10 and metabolic syndrome in obese children andadolescents

V. Calcaterra, M. De Amici, C. Klersy, C. Torre, et al.
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 61

Page 117-123

A pilot study of nalbuphine versus tramadol administered bycontinuous intravenous infusion for postoperative pain control inchildren

D. Moyao-García, J. C. Hernández-Palacios, J. C. Ramìrez-Mora, A. A. Nova-Ocampo
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 359

Page 124-130

Beneficial effect of camel milk in diabetic nephropathy

R. P. Agrawal, R. Dogra, N. Mohta, R. Tiwari, et al.
Abstract 456 | PDF Downloads 285

Page 131-134

Serum oxidative stress parameters of women with hypothyroidism

M. J. Coria, A. I. Pastrán, M. S. Gimenez
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 210

Page 135-139

Gait analysis in patients undergoing ACL reconstruction according toKenneth Jones’ technique

M. Bacchini, C. Cademartiri, G. Soncini
Abstract 99 | PDF Downloads 373

Page 140-149

Case Reports

Aortic valve replacement with right thoracotomy in a patient withsternal metastasis from renal carcinoma

A. Moraldi, F. Nicolini, C. Berghi, A. Agostinelli, et al.
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 51

Page 150-152

Superselective cannulation of coronary sinus branch with telescopicsystem during left ventricular lead placement

V. Russo, G. Nigro, I. D. Crescenzo, E. Ammendola, et al.
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Page 153-155

Up to Date

Quantum dot: magic nanoparticle for imaging, detection and targeting

Y. Ghasemi, P. Peymani, S. Afifi
Abstract 364 | PDF Downloads 157

Page 156-165

Consensus Statement

A consensus document on the role of breakfast in the attainment andmaintenance of health and wellness

F. Marangoni, A. Poli, C. Agostoni, P. Di Pietro
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 330

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