Published: 14-07-2015



Seymour Reichlin
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Francesco Antonio Manzoli, Roberto Toni, Ronald M. Lechan, Giorgio Sandri, Marco Vitale, Giacomo Azzali
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The symmetry of man

Alexander E. Ermolenko, Elena A. Perepada
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 168

Page 13-20

The biocrystalloid structure of man: an extracellular theory

Alexander E. Ermolenko,, Elena A. Perepada
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 35

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Complexity seems to open a way towards a new Aristotelian-thomistic ontology

Alberto Sturmia
Abstract 36 | PDF Downloads 25

Page 32-38

Finite machines, mental procedures, and modern physics

Rossella Lupacchini
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 39-46

Perception in action

Giulio Giorello, Corrado Sinigaglia
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Page 49-57

Synaptic plasticity and the neurobiology of learning and memory

Fabio Benfenati
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 68

Page 58-66

Computation and brain processes, with special reference to neuroendocrine systems

Roberto Toni, Giulia Spaletta, Claudia Della Casa, Simone Ravera, Giorgio Sandri
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 67-83

13C NMR isotopomeric analysis and its application in the study of endocrine cell metabolism and function

Nicholas E. Simpson, Ioannis Constantini
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Page 99-112

Intranuclear 3’-phosphoinositide metabolism and apoptosis protection in PC12 cells

Alberto M. Martinelli, Camilla Evangelisti, Anna Maria Billi, Lucia Manzoli, Veronica Papa, Lucio Cocco
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Page 113-119

Serum peptide profiling: identifying novel cancer biomarkers for early disease detection

Andrew Martorella, Richard Robbins
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 38

Page 123-128

The bioartificial thyroid: a biotechnological perspective in endocrine organ engineering for transplantation replacement

Roberto Toni, Claudia Della Casa, Giulia Spaletta, Giacomo Marchetti, Perseo Mazzoni, Monica Bodria, Simone Ravera, Davide Dallatana, Sergio Castorina, Vincenzo Riccioli, Emilio Giovanni Castorina, Salvatore Antoci, Enrico Campanile, Gabriella Scalise, Raffaella Rossi, Giorgio Ugolotti, Andrew Martorella, Elio Roti, Fiorella Sgallari, Aldo Pinchera
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Page 129-155

A pathogenic mechanism leading to partial lipodistrophy and prospects for pharmacological treatment of insulin resistance syndrome

Nadir M. Maraldi, Cristina Capanni, Elisabetta Mattioli, Marta Columbaro, Stefano Squarzoni, Weena K. Parnaik, Manfred Wehnert, Giovanna Lattanzi
Abstract 244 | PDF Downloads 43

Page 207-215

Frailty as a dysruption of steroid “syncrinology” in elderly man

Giorgio Valenti
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 26

Page 222-224

Time for integration: communication in the immune system

Marco Vitale
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Page 227-230

Pituitary autoantibodies in autoimmune polyendocrinopathy – candidiasis - ectodermal dystrophy (APECED)

Damien T. O’Dwyer, Patrick McElduff, Pärt Peterson, Jaakko Perheentupa, Patricia A. Crock
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 29

Page 248-254

Prolactin and autoimmune diseases in humans

Ellie Chuang, Mark E. Molitch
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 403

Page 255-261

A role of the TRAIL-TRAIL receptor system in the pathogenesis of diabetes

Mauro Vaccarezza, Giorgio Delbello, Giorgio Zauli
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 262-267