Acta Bio Medica

Published: 2010-05-01

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The ideation of movement is supported by fronto-temporal cortical regions involved in the retrieval of semantic knowledge

P. Caffarra, S. Gardini, G. Vezzadini et al.
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 21-29

Defense mechanisms and symptom severity in panic disorder

M. Fario, S. Aprile, C. Cabrino et al.
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 192

Page 30-34

Type 1 diabetes (T1DM) in children and adolescents of immigrated families in Emilia Romagna (Italy)

P. Banin, F. Rimondi, A. De Togni et al.
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 81

Page 35-39

Detection of Enteroviruses from urban sewage in Parma

C. Cesari, M.E. Colucci, L. Veronesi et al.
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 34

Page 40-46

Diagnostic accuracy of Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography in a high risk symptomatic population

E. Maffei, A. Palumbo, C. Martini et al.
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 37

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International Cooperation

Training program for community health workers in remote areas in Senegal, first experience

L. Sarli, E. Enongene, K. Bulgarelli et al.
Abstract 73 | PDF Downloads 269

Page 54-62

Case Reports

Dermatomyositis as first clinical appearance for a thymic epidermoid cell carcinoma

R. Iacovelli, A. Palazzo, D. Conte et al.
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 124

Page 35-39