Low G’, small particle, hyaluronic acid filler for body reshaping: a retrospective observational study

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Raffaele Rauso
Michele Pascali
Davide De Cicco
Nicola Zerbinati


body filler, rheology, body contouring, minimally invasive


Introduction: At the beginning of 21st century, large particle hyaluronic acid body fillers were developed for non-surgical body reshaping, but they were associated with complications such as hardening and foreign body reaction. To address this issue, small particle, low G’ hyaluronic acid fillers were introduced into the market. This study aims to retrospectively evaluate the safety and efficacy of these hyaluronic acid fillers for body reshaping procedures.

Material and Methods: This retrospective observational was conducted on 21 consecutive patients treated with low G’ hyaluronic acid body fillers for different body contouring procedures, between March and June 2022. Treatment efficacy was assessed using the BODY-Q scale, comparing results obtained preoperatively and minimum 6 months post-treatment.

Results: The most commonly performed procedures were buttock and calf reshaping. The mean number of vials used for these treatments were 30.25 and 11.5, respectively. Six months after treatment a significant increase in the mean BODY-Q score was observed (52 preop versus 70.8 postop), indicating the treatment efficacy in achieving the desired aesthetic result. No major complications were reported in the treated cohort. No delayed granulomas were observed.

Conclusion: The results of this study suggests that small particles, low G’, hyaluronic acid fillers for body reshaping represents a safe and effective procedure, leading to favorable outcomes. The absence of major complications in the study cohort further supports the safety profile of this recently introduced treatment device. This preliminary experience can contribute to the understanding of the benefits and safety of low G’, small particle, hyaluronic acid fillers

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