Published: 13-10-2023

Original article

Localized fat or adiposity: therapeutic classification

Petra Vega López
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Page e2023013

Low G’, small particle, hyaluronic acid filler for body reshaping: a retrospective observational study

Raffaele Rauso, Michele Pascali, Davide De Cicco, Nicola Zerbinati
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 87

Page e2023018

Implications of the occlusal vertical dimension in the aesthetics of the facial lower third: a clinical study

Judith Vilardell, María del Pilar Martín Santiago
Abstract 343 | PDF Downloads 107

Page e2023017

Case Report

Facial paresis: a worrying event related to labial herpes simplex and periocular botulinum toxin a injection

Angela Faga, Silvia Scevola, Elena Dalla Toffola, Giovanni Nicoletti
Abstract 357 | PDF Downloads 114

Page e2023014

The role of onco-aesthetic in breast cancer: a clinical report study

Tiago Gomes de Oliveira, Áurea Lima
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 101

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