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La Medicina del Lavoro is a bimonthly magazine founded in 1901 by L. Devoto, and then directed by L. Prieti, E. Vigliani, V. Foà, P.A. Bertazzi (Milan). Now directed by A. Mutti (Parma), it is the official Journal of the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine (SIML), aimed at training and updating all professionals involved in prevention and cure of occupational diseases.

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Smoking at the workplaces in Italy after the smoking ban in the Lazio Region

Luca Enrico Ruscitti, Fulvio Castellani, Giuseppe La Torre, Maria De Giusti, Fabio Dominici, Pasquale Valente
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Analysis of survival at cardiac arrest in events occurred in work environments in the territory served by an operations center of the 118 of Tuscany

Riccardo Marino, Nicola Bertocci, Micaela Bernabei, Alessandra Bonotti, Aldo Mignani, Poupak Fallahi, Salvio Perretta, Giulia Monopoli, Alfonso Cristaudo, Rudy Foddis
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Risk of cataract in health care workers exposed to ionizing radiation: a systematic review

Elena Della Vecchia, Alberto Modenese, Martina Muscatello, Giorgia Rossi, Fabriziomaria Gobba
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The mental and physical health of healthcare providers and students: the influence of work environment and organizational well-being.

Francesco Zaghini, Ercole Vellone, Massimo Maurici, Cristina Sestili, Alice Mannocci, Jacopo Fiorini, Elisa Ercoli, Nicola Magnavita, Giuseppe La Torre, Rosaria Alvaro, Alessandro Sili
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Occupational acute pesticide poisoning: a cross-sectional study from Turkey based on the self reports of male vegetable and fruit farmers

Celalettin Cevik, Raziye Ozdemir, Sezgin Ari
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Personal protective equipment (PPE) use and its relation to accidents among construction workers

Radwa Sehsah, Abdel-Hady El-Gilany, Ateya Megahed Ibrahim
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First aid and basic life support resuscitation in occupational settings in COVID-19 pandemic

Angelo Sacco
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Current Issue

Vol. 111 No. 3 (2020)



Caring for the Carers of COVID-19

Anthony Seaton
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Page 166-169

Advances in Occupational Medicine Research

The diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI): currently available tests, future developments, and perspectives to eliminate tuberculosis (TB)

Jean Pierre Zellweger, Giovanni Sotgiu, Massimo Corradi, Paolo Durando
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Page 170-183

Original articles

COVID-19 infection and diffusion among the healthcare workforce in a large university-hospital in northwest Italy

Giacomo Garzaro, Marco Clari, Catalina Ciocan, Eugenio Grillo, Ihab Mansour, Alessandro Godono, Lorenza Giuditta Borgna, Veronica Sciannameo, Giuseppe Costa, Ida Marina Raciti, Fabrizio Bert, Paola Berchialla, Maurizio Coggiola, Enrico Pira
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Page 184-194

Shift work sleep disorder and job stress in shift nurses: implications for preventive interventions

Gabriele d'Ettorre; Vincenza Pellicani; Anna Caroli, Mariarita Greco
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Page 195-202

Occupational asthma and rhinitis due to wheat flour: sublingual specific immunotherapy treatment

Marco Dubini, Paolo Marraccini, David M. Brass, Lorenzo Patrini, Luciano Riboldi
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Page 203-209

Severe silicosis due to diatomaceous earth in dental alginate: a necropsy study

Pietro Gino Barbieri, Anna Somigliana, Giorgio Carradori
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Page 222-231

Mental disability management within occupational health surveillance

Rodolfo Buselli, Paolo Del Guerra, Fabrizio Caldi, Antonello Veltri, Susanna Battaglia, Sigrid Baldanzi, Michelle Girardi, Domenico Sallese, Liliana Dell'Osso, Alfonso Cristaudo
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Page 232-240


Andrea Farioli 1981-2020

Giovanna Spatari
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Page 241

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