Your Reviews matter

PROGRESS IN NUTRITION JOURNAL is now partnered with Publons

We have now integrated Publons Reviewer Recognition Service to allow reviewers to track their verified peer-review contributions with our journal. Publons is part of Web of Science group and works with peer review submission system of our journal to directly transfer the review records for reviewers who explicitly opt-in to the Publons service.

Leverage your profile by showcasing your peer reviewer expertise and achievements in the field

Track your impact as a researcher– see here how it works

  1. Create a free Publons profile and register – you will have one place where to track your publications, citation metrics, and peer reviews
  2. By registering you will have access to your dashboard tracking your records [publications, peer reviews, editor records]
  3. You will be able to have a Publons public profile and appear in the ranking list based on peer Review Award Winners, Highly Cited researchers, and Web of Science Core Collection


Now that you have registered - HOW TO IMPORT YOUR REVIEW:

Reviews performed for our partnered journal can be instantly added to your profile as you do them.

  1. Check the box on the review submission form asking if you want to add a record of the review to Publons*
  2. Follow the link in the confirmation email we send you
  3. Done - the review record will be added to your profile subject to the journal's privacy policy.

You will receive a Publons email confirmation to make sure the collected review record was submitted intentionally.

To ease the process and avoid receiving confirmation emails you can simply turn on the 'Automatically add reviews from partnered journals" setting on the permissions page of your private dashboard.

With this setting enabled, you just need to select box in the review submission on the editorial platform