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Progress in Nutrition is an international, peer reviewed, Open Access journal covering topics related to human nutrition and metabolism, spanning from clinical nutrition, endocrinology, nutrition methodology and statistics, food biochemistry, and sports and fitness nutrition.

The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, case reports, and letters to the editor dealing with h
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Evaluation of Relationship of Intuitive Eating and Eating Awareness with Body Mass Index and Anthropometric Measurements in Adults

Ayhan Dağ, Aliye Özören, Özlem Baran
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The effect of seasonal variation on macromineral contents of sainfoin genotypes and assessments with biplot analysis

Mehmet Salih Sayar, Yavuz Han
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"Pullum ovum" - highlighting the nutrient content through innovative determination methods "PULLUM OVUM" - HIGHLIGHTING THE NUTRIENT CONTENT

Florina Ruta, Radu Fechete, Eliana Coman, Remus Sebastian Sipos
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Comparative study of molecular mechanism of action of allopathic drugs and herbal drugs: A mini review

Pramod Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar Gautam, Nidhi Puranik, Dr.Bijendra Rai , Dhananjay Yadav
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Impact of the exercise on the Gut microbiota and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) production

Mashael W. Alruways
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Prevalence of Self-reported Food Allergies among the Saudi Population and Investigation of the Challenges Faced by People with Food Allergy: A cross sectional online survey-based study.

Sara Zaher, Khlood Bookari, Jamila Arrish, Ruyuf Alnafisah, Rawan alobaid, Norah Albuayjan, Albandari Binammar, Abdulrahman Alsayegh, Eman A. Abduljawad, Reham A. Halawani, Majid M Alkhalaf, Hala Al-Otaibi
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The role of miR-17-1-3p in mitochondrial fusion gene expressions and muscle biogenesis with swimming exercise intervention in metabolic syndrome rat model Exercise and miR-17-1-3p

Muhammed Emre KARAMAN, Ahmet TEKTEMUR, Muhammed PERIHAN, Cengiz ARSLAN, Onur GURSU
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Effect of maternal thyroid hormone levels in late pregnancy on risk of singleton low birth weight

Qing Lin
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Risk of Eating Disorders and Its Association with Expectations of Thinness, Body Satisfaction and Body Mass Index in Turkish University Students: A Cross-Sectional Study Eating Disorders, Expectations of Thinness, and Body Satisfaction

Ahmet Murat Günal, Kevser Karlı, Hande Öngün Yılmaz
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Knowledge, certification, and consumers’ willingness to pay for origin labelled table olive

Gulay Ozkan, Ismail Bulent Gurbuz
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Current Issue

Vol. 24 No. 4 (2022)

Published: 23-12-2022


Nutritional review of the methodology applied in sports supplementation research

Leticia Cantero, Javier Conde-Pipo, Maria Jose Jimenez-Casquet, Jose Antonio Latorre, Nuria Gimenez-Blasi, Manuel Martinez-Bebia, Anna Bach-Faig, Fatima Olea-Serrano, Miguel Mariscal-Arcas
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 110

Page e2022084

Creatine supplementation and the role on oxidative stress, brain creatine level and inflammation. A brief review

Fiorenzo Moscatelli, Ines Villano, Marcellino Monda, Antonietta Messina, Vincenzo Monda, Giuseppe Cibelli, Anna Valenzano, Nicola Tartaglia, Antonio Ambrosi, Chiara Porro, Giovanni Messina
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 133

Page e2022092

Original articles

Development and validation of food and nutrition literacy instrument in young people, Turkey

Gülcan Demir, Ali Özer
Abstract 37 | PDF Downloads 106

Page e2022133

Exploring the impacts of smoking, nutrition and physical activity on pulmonary functions

Merve Uca, Canatan Taşdemir, Kenan Sivrikaya
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 93

Page e2022101

Life satisfaction and healthy nutrition attitude in physically active and inactive university students

Ahmet Tarık Ergüven, Mehmet Sait Teke, Ümit Doğan Üstün, Nurullah Emir Ekinci
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 92

Page e2022128

Nutrient adequacy of diets of women of childbearing age in south-east Nigeria

Gertrude Nneka Onyeji, Rasaki Ajani Sanusi
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 94

Page e2022085

Relation between soluble CD36 and dietary fatty acid composition in metabolic syndrome patients

Duygu Mataraci Değirmenci, Özlem Özdemir, Mehmet Fisunoğlu
Abstract 23 | PDF Downloads 94

The effects of watermelon and Tualang honey based energy drinks on postprandial antioxidant activity and oxidative stress in male collegiate athletes: a dose-response and time-course efficacy study

Rohit Chaudhary, Sareena Hanim Hamzah, Azlina Abdul Aziz, Zulkarnain Jaafar, Nik Shanita Safii
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 93

Page e2022120

Energy and macronutrients intake of children attending kindergartens in Kosovo (full day program-8 hours)

Agim Rysha, Tahire M Gjergji, Angelika Ploeger
Abstract 25 | PDF Downloads 97

Page e2022091

Can the duration of obesity, diet, and physical activity be determinants in metabolic healthy obesity?

Gozde Aritici Colak, Duygu Saglam
Abstract 32 | PDF Downloads 95

Page e2022140

The relationship between PG-SGA scores and nutritional status of patients receiving chemotherapy

Dilşat Baş, Özlem Sönmez, Nilay Öngen, Elif Şenocak Taşçı
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 83

Page e2022105

Influence of chilling-and-reheating pasta on postprandial glycemic responses and appetite: a randomized control trial

Maha H. Alhussain, Areej A Almousa , Sehad N Alarifi , Sahar Abdulaziz AlSedairy, Abdulrhamn M Alhowikan
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 100

Page e2022132

Evaluation of sarcopenia in patients with hyperthyroidism

Aslı Tufan , Ebru Engin, Onur Elbasan, Nurdan Senturk Durmus, Busra Can, Can Ilgin, Bulent Can
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 101

Page e2022119

Evaluation of physical characteristics and sensory acceptance of newly developed vegetable-based soups

Sim Yee Lim, Dora Rosmawati, Noor Hafizah Yatiman, Jyh Eiin Wong, Hasnah Haron, Bee Koon Poh
Abstract 20 | PDF Downloads 84

Page e2022118

Relative validity of a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire to estimate the intake of iron and its absorption modifiers in young Saudi females

Merfat Almaghrabi, Salwa Albar , Hadeil Alsufiani , Ranim Zamkah , Sarah Alyafie, Abrar Houssien
Abstract 25 | PDF Downloads 90

Page e2022138

Effect of protein level and slaughter age on carcass traits and meat quality of Bruna Alpine steers

Davide De Marzo, Vito Laudadio, Vincenzo Tufarelli
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 84

Page e2022123

“Restrained eating” vs “dieting”: how are they associated with body weight status, eating behavior and eating frequency among Polish adolescent

Joanna Bajerska, Joanna Pieczyńska, Małgorzata Woźniewicz, Ewelina Chawłowska, Karolina Łagowska, Maria Biskupska
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 102

Incidence of obesity and anemia in the diagnosis of breast cancer

Erika Martínez Cordero, María del Pilar Fernández Carrasco, Luz Elvia Vera Becerra, Carlos Alberto Esparza Martínez, Evelia Apolinar Jiménez
Abstract 20 | PDF Downloads 90

Page e2022109

The effects of COVID-19 restrictions on dietary behaviors, supplement, and physical activity habits of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Erkan Gülgösteren, Nevzat Demirci, Pervin Toptaş Demirci
Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 82

Page e2022102

An investigation into the relationship between social media addiction and emotional eating behaviour of university students

Hakan Akdeniz, Burak Taş, Behçet Koçoğlu, Pınar Yağmur Toprak
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 96

Page e2022131

Relationship between the adherence to the mediterranean diet, nutrient intake and anthropometric measurements for adult individuals living in Cyprus

Ayşen Yıldırım, Kamil Dağcılar, Asiye Yeter Güngör Başaran, Begüm Harmancıoğlu, Cemre Elmas, Çağla İçten, Nuriye Kahır, Pınar Gökensel Okta
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 97

Page e2022097

Effect of social network use and advertising on anthropometric status and dietary intake

Nihal Zekiye Erdem, Nadide Gizem Tarakçı , Emre Bayraktaroğlu
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 96

Page e2022127

Psychometric properties of the household food insecurity assess scale among households with tuberculosis patients in South India

Yuvaraj Krishnamoorthy, Sathish Rajaa, Komala Ezhumalai, Selby Knudsen, Robert Horsburgh Jr, Natasha Hochberg, Padmini Salgame, Jerrold Ellner, Senbagavalli Prakash Babu, Sonali Sarkar
Abstract 24 | PDF Downloads 84

Page e2022125

Assessment of the lysine requirement of healthy young male adults through albumin and IgG in plasma

Ying Tian, Yun Bao, Fang Chen, Chanfang Meng, Yi Sun, Tao Zhang, Jing Ge
Abstract 28 | PDF Downloads 84

Page e2022130

Relationship of Dietary Habits, Attitudes and Behaviors  with Anthropometric Measurements in Adult Women 

Ayhan Dağ, Cansu Apaçi, Muhammed Enes Kartal, Aybüke Coşkun
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 91

Page e2022123

Estimation of the impact of social determinants on childhood obesity in the Apulia region (southern Italy) in 2019

Maria Teresa Balducci, Osvalda De Giglio, Alessia Quaranta, Pasquale Domenico Pedote, Pietro Pasquale, Onofrio Mongelli, Maria Teresa Montagna
Abstract 20 | PDF Downloads 98

Page e2022139

Role of vitamin D, folic acid, ferritin, inflammation and oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of COVID-19

Velid Unsal, Ilhan Sabancilar, Erdal Ozbek, Cigdem Mermutluoglu, Hakan Temiz
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 102

Page e2022126

Does obesity in young women associated with disordered eating behaviors and mindful eating?

Seliz Bagcilar, Ceren Gezer
Abstract 35 | PDF Downloads 94

Page e2022106

Focus on

Nutrition and hydration of patients in a persistent vegetative state

Giorgia Viola Lacasella, Karidia Karaboue
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 83

Page e2022136

History of Nutrition

A short history of human nutrition from prehistory to ancient civilisations

Giorgia Viola Lacasella, Karidia Karaboue
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 105

Page e2022135

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