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Current Issue

Vol. 22 No. 1 (2020)

Published: 2020-03-06

Cover and Index

Cover and Index

Editorial Office
Abstract 26 | PDF Downloads 27

Page 1-7


Linoleic acid: have we understood how it works in psychopathologies and Ischemic Cardiovascular Diseases?

Massimo Cocchi, Elisabetta Mondo, Chara Minuto, Giovanni Lercker
Abstract 45 | PDF Downloads 47

Page 7-11

Potential therapeutic effects of alpha lipoic acid in memory disorders

Leonardo Triggiani
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 12-19

The Mediterranean diet could be an exceptional support for patients with chronic renal disease

Francesco Cacciabaudo, Roberta Altomare, Vincenzo Davide Palumbo, Giuseppe Damiano, Salvatore Fazzotta, Leonardo Gulotta, Giulia Lo Monte, Francesco Maltese, Attilio Ignazio Lo Monte
Abstract 18 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 20-24

Original articles

Impact of food behavior on children’s health. A case study

Laurentiu Gabriel Talaghir, Octavian Barna, Cristian Serea, Iuliana Petronela Barna, Elena Ariela Banu
Abstract 335 | PDF Downloads 211

Page 25-29

Strong association between malnutrition, inflammation, and depression in elderly patients. A new novel geriatric complex based on malnutrition; MID complex?

İbrahim Halil Turkbeyler, Zeynel Abidin Öztürk; Zeynel Abidin Sayiner; Mehmet Gol, Eyüp Murat Efendioglu, Seyma Sahinbeyoglu
Abstract 379 | PDF Downloads 242

Page 30-35

Evaluation of orientation and efficiency of schoolchildren nutrition in recreational period

Leonid Podrigalo, Olga Rovnaya, Tetiana Yermakova, Mirosława Cieślicka, Radosław Muszkieta
Abstract 321 | PDF Downloads 186

Page 36-47

The Effects of media tools on food consumption and obesity in adolescents

Fatma Kartal, Neslişah Rakıcıoğlu
Abstract 230 | PDF Downloads 177

Page 58-67

Does Mediterranean diet correlate with cognitive performance among elderly? A cross-sectional study from Cyprus

Nezire Ince, Pınar Gelener, Halit Tanju Besler
Abstract 243 | PDF Downloads 144

Page 75-83

Teachers’ self-efficacy is related to their nutrition teaching methods

Nurhan Unusan, Hatice Yalcin
Abstract 236 | PDF Downloads 154

Page 84-89

Nutritional habits of people with type two diabetes mellitus

Jelena Bjelanovic, Teodora Petric, Tatjana Pavlica, Rada Rakic, Natasa Dragic, Sanja Bijelovic, Artur Bjelica
Abstract 234 | PDF Downloads 152

Page 90-95

Evaluation of nutritional status in patients with end-stage renal disease in hemodialysis using principal component analysis

Erika Saenz Pardo Reyes, Fatima Ezzahra Housni, Antonio López-Espinoza, Alma Gabriela Martinez Moreno, Maria del Rocio Padilla Galindo
Abstract 483 | PDF Downloads 195

Page 96-105

The relationship between university students’ quality of life and nutrition

İbrahim Dalbudak, Şıhmehmet Yiğit, Taner Yılmaz
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 52

Page 112-121

The relationship between BMI, WHR and serum vitamin B12, folic acid and ferritin levels in adults

Sabiha Zeynep Aydenk Koseoglu, Dilek Toprak, Nurhan Dogan
Abstract 371 | PDF Downloads 193

Page 127-136

Effect of dairy products intake in women with premenstrual syndrome: a randomized controlled trial

Merve Yurt, Seyit Mehmet Mercanlıgil, Seray Kabaran
Abstract 251 | PDF Downloads 135

Page 137-145

The effect of different term swimming exercise in rats on serum leptin levels

Hakan Acar, Erkut Tutkun
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 176

Page 146-152

The effects of weight class athletes’ nutrient consumptions and eating habits on their depression-anxiety-stress levels

Deniz Özge Yüceloğlu Keskin, Menderes Kabadayı, Özgür Bostancı, Levent Bayram, Deniz Günay Derebaşı
Abstract 29 | PDF Downloads 33

Page 153-160

The relationship between serum leptin and VO2max levels in pre-puberty swimmer girls: effect of acute exercise

Esin Güllü, Abdullah Güllü, Halil Düzova, Bilge Özgör, Evren Kilinç, Faruk Akçinar
Abstract 53 | PDF Downloads 56

Page 177-184

The fatty acid composition in some economic and wild edible mushrooms in Turkey

Aydın Sukru Bengu
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 207

Page 185-192

Varietal and time dependent differences in juglone and total phenolic contents of the walnut (Juglans regia L.) leaves

İsmail Kocaçalışkan, Emel Turan, Ümran Ertürk, Yavuz Demir, İrfan Terzi
Abstract 215 | PDF Downloads 160

Page 193-198

Evaluation of some commercial dairy rations in terms of chemical composition, methane production, metabolisable energy and organic matter digestibility

Mustafa Boga, Ozer Kurt, Cagri Ozgur Ozkan, Ali İhsan Atalay, Adem Kamalak
Abstract 235 | PDF Downloads 155

Page 199-203

Investigation of aflatoxin levels in chips by HPLC using post-column UV derivatization system

Jale Çatak, Mustafa Yaman, Halime Uğur
Abstract 345 | PDF Downloads 223

Page 214-223

Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of commonly consumed fruits and vegetables in Algeria

Habiba Djenidi, Seddik Khennouf, Amel Bouaziz
Abstract 348 | PDF Downloads 310

Page 224-235

Phytochemical screening and in vivo and in vitro evaluation antioxidant capacity of Fargaria ananassa, Prunus armeniaca and Prunus persica fruits growing in Algeria

Soulef Saoudi, Seddik Khennouf, Nozha Mayouf, Smain Amira, Saliha Dahamna, Karim Hosni
Abstract 451 | PDF Downloads 331

Page 236-252

Essential oil and fatty acid composition of Melissa officinalis L.

Mouna Souihi, Ismail Amri, Amir Souissi, Karim Hosni, Nadia Ben Brahim, Mohamed Annabi
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 39

Page 253-258

Clinoptilolite induces cell death in THP-1 cells in oxidative stress conditions

Gunnur Demircan; Ata Onur Kepenek; Sule Beyhan Ozdas, Demet Akin
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 18

Page 259-264

The effect of short-term royal jelly supplement on testosterone levels in sedentary and healthy individuals

Ali Muhittin Taşdoğan, Zarife Pancar, Mustafa Özdal, Mehmet Vural, Serkan Pancar, Yakup Zühtü Birinci
Abstract 402 | PDF Downloads 102

Page 275-280

Effect of royal jelly supplementation on aerobic power output and anaerobic power output

Ali Muhittin Taşdoğan, Mehmet Vural, Mustafa Özdal, Zarife Pancar
Abstract 126 | PDF Downloads 41

Page 281-287

Effect of soy protein on hypercholesterolemia and hypertension to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Saman Zahid, Tahir Zahoor, Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Farhan Jahangir Chughtai, Adnan Khaliq, Samree Ahsan, Ambreen Sagheer
Abstract 7 | PDF Downloads 13

Page 288-296

A folk remedy: royal jelly improves lung capacity in smokers

Ali Muhittin Taşdoğan, Ebru Tarıkçı Kılıç, Zarife Pancar, Mustafa Özdal
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 297-303

Sleep quality and its relationship with night eating syndrome, the risk of diabetes, and nutritional status among university students

Yasemin Akdevelioğlu, Teslime Özge Şahin, Ozge Yesildemir
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 304-315

The effect of 8-week Zumba® fitness on body composition of turkish womens

Aziz Güçlüöver
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 33

Page 316-322

Case Report

Nutrition planning and hydration control during a six-stage Pirineos FIT Endurance trail-running race. A case report

Eraci Drehmer Rieger, Mª Ángeles Navarro, Sandra Carrera, Roberto Herrera, Carlos Sanchis, Mari Luz Moreno
Abstract 332 | PDF Downloads 202

Page 343-350

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Online First

Effect of skipping breakfast on cerebral blood flow and cardiovascular function under a mental load in healthy female students

Asuka Sawai, Naoyo Nie, Shinya Sawai, Kayoko Tsuzuki, Osamu Tochikubo
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 122

Comparative Phytochemical Profile of Some Medicinal Plants from Gilgit-Baltistan

Muhammad Ismail, Shams Jamal, Noor Ul Haq, Shabbir Hussain, Shafqat Hussain
Abstract 249 | PDF Downloads 177

Progress in Nutrition in Cerebral Palsy Children – A Literature Review

Ali Madi Almajwal, Iftikhar Alam
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 188

University students meal experience at the dining hall

nurhan unusan
Abstract 231 | PDF Downloads 143

The effect of Hijamah on different health parameters

Ahmad R Allafi, Ahmad R Al-Haifi
Abstract 225 | PDF Downloads 131

Sleep efficiency and duration assessed with metabolic holter: Associate with body composition and dietary components

Nilüfer Acar Tek, Semra Navruz Varlı, Merve Şeyda Karaçil Ermumcu, Yasemin Ertaş Öztürk
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 109

Nutritional knowledge among coaches and personal trainers in Kuwait: a cross sectional study

Fawaz D Almansour, Ahmad R Allafi, Ahmed Aldughpassi, Ahmad R Al-Haifi
Abstract 270 | PDF Downloads 126

Body mass index and insulin resistance in healthy adults: Associations with plasma osteocalcin, phylloquinone levels, and dietary vitamin K intake

Yasemin Ertaş Öztürk, Makbule Gezmen Karadağ, Müjde Aktürk, Nevin Şanlıer
Abstract 217 | PDF Downloads 111

The The evaluation of the nutritional habits of 14-25 years old people with skin problems

Pınar Sökülmez Kaya, Canan Asal Ulus, Bahtinur Taşcı
Abstract 131 | PDF Downloads 88

Culture, gender and coffee drinking in Kuwait

Ahmad R Allafi, Asma Saleh, Ahmed Aldughpassi, Ahmad R Al-Haifi, Abir Hersi, Farhia Ahmad, Sara Aljluwi
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 139

Investigation of Cronobacter sakazakii (Enterobacter sakazakii) Presence in Cereal Infant Foods

Tevhide Ziver, Gözde Okburan, Özer Akgül, Suat Saribas, Bekir Kocazeybek, Bekir Kocazeybek
Abstract 1 |

Association between polymorphism in TaqI, BsmI, Apa1, DHCR7, GC, CYP27B1 and CYP24A1 genes and vitamin D deficiency in Saudi obese females

Manal Bin obead, Sahar Abdulaziz AlSedairy, Naveed Ahmed Syed, Periasamy Vaiyapuri Subbarayan, Tahani Aljurbua, Maha Abdulaziz Aljuwayd, Shaista Arzoo, Ali Abdullah Alshatwi
Abstract 0 |


Kadir Gokhan ATILGAN, Mehmet Deniz AYLI , Tulay EREN , Cengiz KARACIN, Hatice SAHIN , Tamer SELEN , Ebru GOK OGUZ, Fatma AYERDEN EBINC, Gulay ULUSAL OKYAY
Abstract 1 | PDF Downloads 10

Dietary Habits of Type 2 Diabetes Patients: Frequency and Diversity of Nutrition Intake – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Waqas Sami, Khalid M Alabdulwahhab , Mohd Rashid Ab Hamid, Tariq A Alasbali, Fahd Al Alwadani , Mohammad Shakil Ahmad
Abstract 18 | PDF Downloads 5

Roseburia species in intestinal flora in amateur and professional male football players

Mustafa Ertuğrul Çıplak, Ayça Genç, Hakan Acar, Erkut Tutkun, Muhammet Fatih Bilici, Ferhat Güder
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 30

Investigation of Food Consumption Frequency in Sports Faculty Students

Mehmet Çebi, Murat Eliöz, Bade Yamak, Osman İmamoğlu, Yener Aksoy
Abstract 104 | PDF Downloads 55

The Relationship Between Anthropometry and Jumping Performance in Handball

Mustafa Ertuğrul Çıplak, Nebahat Eler, Serdar Eler, Hakan Acar
Abstract 37 | PDF Downloads 10

Mindful Eating Questionnaired: Eating Control, Emotional Eating and Conscious Nutrition Trio

Gizem Köse, Mustafa Ertuğrul Çıplak
Abstract 21 | PDF Downloads 9

Comparison of hemogram parameters according to the severity of Vitamin B12 deficiency in children aged three months-16 years

Övgü Büke, Meltem Erol, Özlem Bostan Gayret, Özgül Yiğit, Fatih Mete
Abstract 154 | PDF Downloads 9

Malnutrition and Obesity Prevalences in Geriatric Patients

İbrahim H Turkbeyler, Zeynel A Ozturk; Mehmet Gol; Azer Abiyev, Eyüp M Efendioglu, Hamit Yildiz
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 60

Use of herbal products for weight loss in Turkey

Ezgi Bellikci-Koyu, Banu Pınar Şarer-Yürekli, Selda Seckiner, Nilüfer Özdemir, Zehra Buyuktuncer
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 29

Consumption of some Food Groups is Associated with the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease among Jordanians

Reema Tayyem, Mohammed Azab, Abdel-Ellah Al-Shudifat, Hiba Bawadi
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 31

Reported energy intake versus estimated energy requirements of Portuguese adolescents and young adults

José Maria Tallon, Janine Narciso, Raquel Saavedra, Ana Barros, António José Silva, Aldo Matos Costa
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 7

Serum Orexin-A, Oestrogen, Leptin, RBP-4 Levels, Body Composition and Cardiovascular Risk Parameters in Migraine: A Case-Control Study

Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 17

Screening for antioxidant capacity, pollen types and phytochemical profile by GC/MS and UHPLC from propolis

Nesrin ECEM BAYRAM; Yusuf Can Gerçek; Gül Cevahir Öz
Abstract 203 | PDF Downloads 45

Does Nitric Oxide Intake Affect Post-Exercise Recovery in Athletes? A Study on Cocoa, Caffeine and Nitric Oxide Supplement

Ahmet MOR, Ali Kerim YILMAZ, Kürşat ACAR, Mürşit Ceyhun BİRİNCİ, Gökhan IPEKOGLU
Abstract 626 | PDF Downloads 261

Nutrition in patients with unilateral neglect

Fabio Fabbian, Emanuele Di Simone, Noemi Giannetta, Andrea Gazzelloni, Roberto Torre, Jacopo Livadiotti, Flavio Di Muzio, Marzietta Montesano, Alessandra Moriconi, Marco Di Muzio, Sara Dionisi
Abstract 184 | PDF Downloads 105

The role of probiotic content of kefir in the adipogenic differentiation process of 3T3-L1 cells

Sabiha Gökçen Zeybek, Eda Becer, Tamer Şanlıdağ, Sevinç Yücecan, Seda Vatansever
Abstract 305 | PDF Downloads 152

Chronotype is associated with REEs in obese children & adolescents

Duygu Ağagündüz, Nilüfer ACAR TEK, Prof.Dr., Rukiye BOZBULUT
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 33

Effect of Emotional State on Nutrition Behavior in Working And Non-Working Women Living in Manavgat District.

Muhittin Tayfur, Vahibe Ulucay , Sabiha Zeynep Aydenk Koseoglu
Abstract 11 |

The Relationship Between Eating Habits and Body Mass Index of Adolescent Students Doing Sports

Mustafa Ertuğrul Çıplak, Nebahat Eler
Abstract 13 | PDF Downloads 6

The Effect of different level of Pomegranate molasses on performance, egg quality trait, serological and hematological parameters in older laying hens

Ismail Bayram, Professor, Eyup Eren Gultepe , Research Assistant, Cangir Uyarlar, Assistant Professor, Ümit Õzçınar, PhD student, İbrahim Sadi Cetingul, Associate Professor
Abstract 23 | PDF Downloads 11

The dietary habits and life satisfaction according to the food groups consumed by young people

Hülya Türkmen, Sibel Karaca Sivrikaya
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 13

Effect of raw grain feeding on obesity factors

Jong Suk Park, Tae Hyun Hwang, Yeon Hee Son
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 3

Influence of gamma radiation on nutritional quality and shelf life of fresh red chilies (capsicum annuum)

Afshan Kaleem, Ramish Shafique, Mehwish Iqtedar, Roheena Abdullah, Faiza Saleem, Mahwish Aftab, shagufta Naz, Saima Sharif, Saeeda Alyas, Shagufta Naz
Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 2


Abstract 22 | PDF Downloads 5

Effect of garlic oil on lamb fattening performance, rumen fermentation and blood parameters

Adem Kamalak, Onder Canbolat, Hatice Kalkan, Huseyin Kara, Ismail Filya
Abstract 10 |

A gender stratified controlled descriptive study to identify how specific food and drink consumption differentiate in MS

Gülşen Delikanlı Akbay, Erdinç Karakullukçu, Aslı Akyol Mutlu
Abstract 52 |

The effects of low-dose caffeinated coffee ingestion on strength and muscular endurance performance in male athletes

Raci karayigit, Mehmet Akif Sahin, Cengizhan Sari, Aysegul Sisman, Haktan Yildiz, Hakan Buyukcelebi, Gülfem Ersöz
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 91

The relationship between dysphagia, oral health, masticatory performance and activities of daily living in elderly individuals as assessed by the Eating Assessment Tool

Hatice Merve Bayram, Fatma Ilgaz, Selen Serel-Arslan, Numan Demir, Neslişah Rakıcıoğlu
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 12