Published: 28-03-2022


Is there a perfect way for food security measurement? Evaluation for Turkey

Berkay Keskin, Nevin Demirbaş
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Page e2022007

Nutritional value and health implications of traditional foods and drinks consumed during Ramadan : A narrative review

Ebada M Said, Mohamed Emara, Hanan Soliman, Tarik Zaher, Hassan Elbatae, Ahmed Abdel-Razik, Salwa Tawfik, Mohamed Elnadry
Abstract 430 | PDF Downloads 254

Page e2022025

Efficacy and safety of Curcuma longa extract as a treatment of primary knee osteoarthritis in adults and elderly: a systematic review

Ana Gutiérrez Ruiz, Ismael San Mauro Martin, Elena Garicano Vilar, Cristian Brata, Maria Alicia Camina Martín
Abstract 570 | PDF Downloads 381

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Menstrual cycle and Exercise

Sermin Algul, Busra Alp, Oguz Ozcelik
Abstract 590 | PDF Downloads 444

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Original articles

Faculty of health sciences students’ views and preferences on organic foods

Elem Kocaçal, Reyhan İrkin , Özüm Erkin , Gülbin Konakçı
Abstract 347 | PDF Downloads 220

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Chemical characterization, evaluation of the antibacterial and antioxidant activities of the essential oil of Algerian (Myrtus communis L).

Rym Benhadid, Youcef Hadef, Abdelghani Djahoudi, Karim Hosni
Abstract 414 | PDF Downloads 260

Page e2022029

Anti-Tumorigenic Effect of Resveratrol in HepG2 cells Controlled with Cytochrome-c Dependent Cell Death

Eda Becer, Nadire Kıyak, Hafize Seda Vatansever, Aysel Kükner
Abstract 320 | PDF Downloads 256

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Response of Some Trace Elements to Soccer Match Performed Different Times of Day in Young Sedentary Male

Sermin Algul, Saltuk Bugra Baltaci, Aydın Sukru Bengu, OguzOzcelik
Abstract 213 | PDF Downloads 195

Page e2022009

Nursing Staff Insight about Modifiable Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases in a Multicultural Setting, Saudi Arabia

Anfal Alqirnas, Shahad Alotaiby, Munira Alfaqeeri , Hadel Alsaran, Waqas Sami
Abstract 314 | PDF Downloads 233

Page e2022023

A Cross-Sectional Study: Orthorexia Nervosa In Regular Exercising Individuals For Healthy Life

Ozge Yesildemir, Nilufer Acar Tek
Abstract 350 | PDF Downloads 238

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Potential nutritive value of some tree leaves commonly used for small ruminant in the Aegean region of Turkey

Hayrullah Bora Ünlü, Çağrı Özgür Özkan, Adem Kamalak
Abstract 426 | PDF Downloads 277

Page e2022005

Does Ethanolic Propolis Extract Affect Blood Clotting Parameters?

Sevgi Kolayli, Huseyin Sahin, Meltem Malkoc, Hilal Ebru Cakir, Yakup Kara, Ozlen Bektas, Kaan Kaltalioglu
Abstract 785 | PDF Downloads 217

Page e2022028

Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of Feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana berg) cultivated in subtropical zones of Georgia

Davit Baratashvili, Maria Vanidze, Nino Kedelidze, Aleko Kalandia, Indira Djafaridze, Nino Lomtatidze, Irina Nakashidze, Maria Rachele Ceccarini, Tommaso Beccari
Abstract 473 | PDF Downloads 248

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Evaluation of mindful eating, body image and anthropometric measurements of adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic

Abstract 356 | PDF Downloads 249

Page e2022019

The impact of precautionary lockdown measures during COVID-19 on eating behaviour and lifestyle

Madhawi Aldhwayan, Balsam Alabdulkader
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 243

Page e2022055

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Used by Adolescents in Premenstrual Syndrome- A Cross-Sectional Study

Ayse Elkoca, Beliz Yekeler Kahraman, Handan Ozcan, Muhammet Ali Aydin, Sevda Karakas
Abstract 514 | PDF Downloads 283

Page e2022051

Determination of Eating Attitude and Mindful Eating Scores of Patients in Turkey

M. Ali Cebirbay, Cağrı Kitis
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 239

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A Study About The Effect of Type-II Collagen on Balance Performance in Women With Knee Osteoarthritis

Cengiz Taşkın, Ali Kemal TAŞKIN, Ümmühan TÜMKAYA, Ercan YAMAKOĞLU, Cevdet Can DELİHACIOĞLU, Mehmet YILMAZ
Abstract 534 | PDF Downloads 276

Page e2022015

The Effect of Type-II Collagen on Y-Balance Performance in Men With Meniscus

Cengiz Taşkın, Ali Kemal TAŞKIN, Mehmet YILMAZ, Cevdet Can DELİHACIOĞLU, Ümmühan TÜMKAYA, [email protected]
Abstract 2233 | PDF Downloads 278

Page e2022012

Association of the Type, Amount and Frequency of Milk Feeding with Anthropometric Growth Indicators in Infants

Rida Khan, Fatima Farooq, Afifa Tanweer, Amina Chughtai
Abstract 317 | PDF Downloads 229

Page e2022016

The Effect of Virtual Reality on Isometric Muscle Strength

Umut Dolu, Asiye Filiz Camliguney
Abstract 386 | PDF Downloads 233

Page e2022004

Association between nutritional status, deficiency of protein, iron and vitamins, caloric intake and food security in Mexican school children

Fatima Ezzahra Housni, Erika Saenz Pardo Reyes, Madeline de Jesús López Larios, Claudia Llanes Cañedo, Virginia Gabriela Aguilera Cervantes, Mariana Lares-Michel
Abstract 712 | PDF Downloads 304

Page e2022013

The Relationship Between Diet Quality And Body Weight Management In Pre-Obese And Obese Women

Irem Dagoglu, Ozlem Persil-Ozkan
Abstract 278 | PDF Downloads 244

Page e2022010