Published: 25-03-2022

Original articles

Sleep Quality of Patients with COVID-19 after Hospital Discharge

Nevhiz Gundogdu, Mustafa Tanriverdi
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 157

Page e2022059

Beliefs Assessment of the Faculty of Sport Sciences Students in Nutritional Supplements and Health Literacy

Nursel Ustundag Ocal, Cihan Onen, Bekir Baris Cihan
Abstract 189 | PDF Downloads 134

Page e2022064

A Historical Booklet on Horse Racing: A Team Sport of Human and Animal

Savas Volkan Genc, Selçuk Ural, Atilla Özgür
Abstract 222 | PDF Downloads 210

Page e2022075

Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein-A as an Inflammatory Biomarker in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Oruc Alper Onk, Didem Onk, Fatih Ozcelik, Murat Gunay
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 85

Page e2022062

Adaptation of the Performance Enhancement Attitudes Scale to Individuals Doing Exercise Regularly in Turkey: A Cross-Sectional Study

Ibrahim Bashan, Turhan Toros, Gulsah Yasa Ozturk, Yucel Uysal, Funda Coskun Ozyol, Sinan Guzel
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 112

Page e2022067

The Effect of Plyometric Training Performed on Different Surfaces on Some Performance Parameters

Yildirim Gokhan Gencer, Selim Buga
Abstract 253 | PDF Downloads 191

Page e2022072

Food hygiene steps of a new republic (meat inspection methods)

Savas Volkan Genc, Gizem Goltas
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 116

Page e2022060

The Performance Enhancement Attitude Scale in Team Sports; Validity and Reliability Study

Yucel Uysal, Turhan Toros, Mehmet Cagri Cetin, Funda Coskun Ozyol, Emre Serin, Sinan Guzel, Rabia Yildiz Ozturk
Abstract 213 | PDF Downloads 252

Page e2022071

The Effect of University Students' Perceptions of Coronavirus Anxiety on Their Level of Socialization Through Sports

Ahmet Sahin, Gokhan Acar, Filiz Sahin
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 102

Page e2022076

Parents' perspective on childhood vaccines and the correlation of vaccine hesitancy with health literacy

Cihan Onen, Nursel Ustundag Ocal
Abstract 292 | PDF Downloads 175

Page e2022063

Evaluation of Nutrition Knowledge Levels and Sporting Status of Faculty of Sport Sciences Students

Mehmet Kocak, Mustafa Onder Sekeroglu, Faruk Albay, Osman Kusan
Abstract 204 | PDF Downloads 137

Page e2022068

Effect of Fluid Therapy on Coagulation in COVID-19 Patients in the Intensive Care Unit

Didem Onk, Onur Işık, Fethi Akyol, Nurcan Kutluer Karaca, Yusuf Kemal Arslan, Ufuk Kuyrukluyıldız
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 112

Page e2022061

Physician Burnout Scale: A Reliability and Validity Study

Huseyin Selvi, Turhan Toros, Asena Ayca Ozdemir, Ibrahim Bashan
Abstract 176 | PDF Downloads 120

Page e2022066

Evaluation of Exercise Addiction of Obese Adults

Yucel Uysal, Turhan Toros, Mehmet Cagri Cetin, Cihat Korkmaz, Emre Serin, Funda Coskun Ozyol
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 119

Page e2022070