The Prevalence of glucose dysregulations (GDs) in patients with β-thalassemias in different countries: A preliminary ICET-A survey Prevalence of glucose dysregulations (GDs) in patients with β-thalassemias

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Vincenzo De Sanctis
Ashraf Soliman
Ploutarchos Tzoulis
Shahina Daar
Antonis Kattamis
Polyxeni Delaporta
Mohamed A. Yassin
Mehran Karimi
Duran Canatan
Soad Al Jaouni
Maria Concetta Galati
Giuseppe Raiola
Giuseppe Messina
Saveria Campisi
Forough Saki
Dulani Kottahachchi
Valeria Kaleva
Kristina Petrova
Atanas Banchev
Christos Kattamis


Thalassemias, prevalence, glucose dysregulations




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