Diagnostic imaging of a rare case of incidental adrenal ganglioneuroma

Diagnostic imaging of a rare case of incidental adrenal ganglioneuroma


  • Gianmichele Muscatella Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Foggia University School of Medicine, Foggia (FG), Italy
  • Alessio Sciacqua Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Foggia University School of Medicine, Foggia (FG), Italy
  • Laura Eusebi Radiology Hospital "Carlo Urbani", Jesi, Italy.
  • Domenico Mannatrizio Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Foggia University School of Medicine, Viale L. Pinto 1, 71121 Foggia, Italy.
  • Roberta Mazzucchelli 3Department of Biomedical Sciences and Public Health, Section of Pathological Anatomy, Polytechnic University of the Marche Region, United Hospital, Ancona,Italy
  • Giuseppe Guglielmi


adrenal ganglioneuroma, adrenal adenoma, ganglioneuroma, incidentaloma, MRI


A 53-year-old man complaining of pain in the right hypochondrium underwent an abdominal ultrasound that showed a left adrenal lesion. Further instrumental investigations (CT and MRI, both with contrast medium) were performed which diagnosed an adrenal ganglioneuroma, confirmed by the histological examination. The patient also underwent an endocrinological examination. The treatment was surgical and consisted of an adrenalectomy through video-laparoscopic access.

Adrenal ganglioneuromas are rare tumors but well described and known in the literature. For this reason, this case report has primarily an educational purpose: the totality of the data collected (clinical, laboratoristic, instrumental, and histopathological) constituted a multidisciplinary case, with the focus on imaging.


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