Small interventions in outpatient surgery: Project of Advanced Nursing Skills

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Ketty Bulgarelli
Valentina Spinelli
Gaetano Maria Cattaneo
Leopoldo Sarli
Laura Tibaldi



The research analyzes data on the impact of the introduction of the figure nursing with advanced skills, “Advanced Skills” , in diagnostic and therapeutic surgical clinics within the Hospital of Piacenza. This is the application of the testing on the Project of Nursing “Skills”on advanced minor surgery “Minor Surgery”, an outpatient procedure. They were given the satisfaction questionnaires to users and to the medical and nursing staff of the USL in Piacenza. The aim of the study was to verify the contention of the literature about the usefulness of an increased use of nursing skills within an ambulatory surgery to improve the quality of care and consequently to a higher user satisfaction. In light of the findings of the research, the ‘ impact of the implementation of the Project Advanced Nursing Skills has been positive, both among users is that health care providers. For a functional and effective management of the surgery may be useful to train a new nursing characterized by the possession of “Advanced Skills” whose “mission” is to develop more knowledge, share knowledge, as well as to foster innovation organizational and management to meet the demands of public health. 


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