Successful breastfeeding: a global intervention for a physiological process

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M.F Corona
P. Cataldi
G. Zaccagnini
S. Maddaluno
V. Capone
A. Conti
D. Carlucci
S. Silvano
A. Bertone
Stefano Parmigiani


breastfeeding, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, infant


In our perinatal unit we applied the ten steps of WHO/UNICEF for Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and evaluated the percentage of exclusive (EBF) or complementary breastfeeding (CBF), and of formula fed (FF) healthy full-term infants (HFI) at hospital discharge (HD). HFI performing EBF at HD were 85.3%, a quite high value. At the age of 3 mths EBF percentage ranged between 59-62.4%, and at 6 mths it decreased to 51.7-37.7%. Customer satisfaction questionnaire at HD ranked “good” to “very good” in 92.8%. Causes of breastfeeding reduction with time and comparison with previous and actual situation in Italy and civilized countries are discussed. 


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