Use of DWI in identification of small solid pancreatic focalities (≤ 2 cm)

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Francesco Negri
Nicola Emanuele Bono
Sandro Barbalace
Vincenzo Trunfio
Silvia Lana
Chiara Ganazzoli
Emanuela Angela Marcantoni
Marilina Totaro
Manuela Vallara
Raffaele Parziale
Daniele Borgia


DWI sequences, pancreatic focalities, early diagnosis


Incidental finding of pancreatic focalities has increased thanks to a larger use of radiological examinations (Ultrasound, CT). The differential diagnosis between focal inflammatory and heteroplastic disease is frequently complicated by the wide spectrum of lesions and by the aspecificity of clinical and medical history, as well as of imaging findings. MRI is the second level choice of examination thanks to its higher intrinsic contrast resolution and parametric capability (1); furthermore, the use of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) sequences provides additional diagnostic informations. 


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