Texture analysis in a rare case of tibial intraosseous lipoma

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Marilina Totaro
Daniele De Falco Alfano
Francesco Negri
Valeria Seletti
Ilaria Paladini
Giuseppe Russo
Maurizio Mostardi
Chiara Ganazzoli
Veronica Gafà
Michele Corrado
Melchiore Giganti


texture analysis, intraosseous lipoma, musculoskeletal imaging


Intraosseous lipoma is a very rare lesion, accounting for only 0.1% of all primary osseous tumors (1), first described in 1980 (2). This lesion is considered the rarest of benign bone tumors (3); probably it is not the actual incidence because these lesions are frequently asymptomatic and the introduction of cross-sectional imaging, especially MRI, seems to have increased the detection (4). The majority of intraosseus lipomas are in the lower limbs (70%) and the os calcis being the most frequently involved (32%). Most cases reported in literature have an age of 40 years (5). Tumor texture could be measured from medical images that provide a non-invasive method of capturing intratumoral heterogeneity and could potentially enable a prior assessment of a patient. Some Authors recently proposed Texture analysis to characterize musculoskeletal lesions (6). For the first time we measured the tumoral texture from Magnetic Resonance images in tibial intraosseous lipoma in a 29-years-old female. 



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